Understanding Wild Symbols in Online Slot Games


Back in the day, slot developers were limited by the physical constraints of mechanical slot machines. But with the advent of online casino platforms, game providers can get as creative with their slots offering as they want.

Modern-day online slots feature several different types of slot symbols. A common slot icon that can be found in many online slot games is the wild symbol. Read on to know what slot wilds are and how they work in online slot games.

The basic concept behind slot wilds

If you’ve played the Jokers Wild version of Video Poker before, then you must be knowing the Joker card’s function. The Joker card, which usually lies idle in the card deck, is occasionally brought up in the game and can act as any other card the player wants.

And this is exactly what the wild icon does in online slot games. If one or more slot wild symbols appear on a payline, they’ll replace other basic icons in the game. This, in turn, helps players in forming winning combinations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Here’s an example that’ll make the concept more concrete. Let’s say you’re playing an online slot game that has classic card values from A to 10 as its base game symbols. Upon spinning the reels, you get the ‘K’ symbol on reels one and two. That’s not enough to receive a payout, but if you have a wild symbol on reel three, it can act as a substitute and help you form a winning combination.

In many online slots, the wild symbol can appear anywhere on the grid. But there are some slot games where it can only show up on certain reels. So, be sure to check your chosen slot game’s information page, where you can find also find details on other icons (if present) such as the mystery symbol and the scatter symbol.

A look at the different types of slot wilds

Here’s a look at the different types of wild symbols that you’ll come across when playing slots online:

Sticky wilds

These wild icons are also known as locked wilds. As with the conventional wild symbols, they usually take just one position on the reels. But what makes them different from the standard wild icons is the fact that they can stay in place for a number of spins. That way, players have the chance to hit winning paylines on multiple spins.

Stacked wilds

As their name implies, these wild icons can stack up on each other. In most online and mobile slots, stacked wilds have the potential to occupy the entire reel from top to bottom. With stacked wilds, the winning chances of players increase dramatically, as more wilds mean more opportunities to form winning combos.

Expanding wilds

Expanding wilds are an exciting take on stacked wilds. While stacked wilds can only cover the reel vertically, expanding wilds can multiply in any direction on the grid. In some instances, these wild icons can go on to cover the entire grid to activate the jackpot round. Just note that some online slots may limit the appearance of expanding wilds to just bonus games.

Grouped wilds

Grouped wilds share some similarities with expanding wilds. But there’s one small difference between the two. While grouped wilds can take several positions on the reels, they won’t spread like expanding wilds. Nevertheless, grouped wilds can still help you in forming increased winning combos.

Other types of slot wilds explained

The above section has covered the most common types of slot wilds that you’ll come across in slot wilds. But there are some slot games that also have other types of wilds. First, there are colliding wilds. They appear when two wild icons pop up side-by-side and their main function is to trigger the bonus round.

Then there are replicating wilds that can turn basic icons into wild symbols. Finally, there are random wilds that can appear at any time during the base game or bonus rounds.

Summing Up

Now that you know everything about slot wilds, you’ll find it easy to play slot games that feature these icons. At our site, you can find hundreds of exciting online slot games that come with wild icons. Besides, we have dozens of classic slots, 3D slots and mobile slots that come with fun gameplay features. Give them a try today!

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