What Are Classic Slots?

For some people, classic slots are the slots that grandpa used to play, which come with just three reels. In actuality, the reels on such slots can stretch to five.
For others, these slots are those that function mechanically and have wheels, gears and suchlike whirring around inside. While this latter definition might have been true in the past for the big and bulky slots present in the casinos of the period, it no longer applies in the present day.

Currently, classic slots can be defined as those slots that excellently mimics the look, feel and gameplay mechanics of the slots of old. Such slots come with no bonus features, nor do they have much in the way of extras. Their gameplay objective is to simply and quickly create winning combos in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

What Are Classic Slots?

All About Classic Slots

Classic slot machines began popping up in bars in America in around 1891. Such slots were operated by the insertion of a nickel into a provided hole and the pulling of a lever that was positioned at the side of the contraption. This lever spun the reels and the machines soon became known as one-armed bandits, due to their reluctance to record wins.

Prizes won on such slots were no more than a free drink or a free lunch now and then. This, however, underwent a sea change when the Liberty Bell Machine was produced in 1899.

Aping other classic slot machines of the era, the Liberty Bell Machine was built around poker but added extra icons like a Liberty Bell, a star and a horseshoe. The Liberty Bell was the most valuable of the featured icons, with customers earning 50 cents when a trio of these was correctly lined up.

The Liberty Bell machine was quite popular and helped bring about an unprecedented slot machine boom in the US. Soon after, five reel slots were invented, with the two additional reels boosting the winning chances of players and further boosting their popularity.

In the course of time, five reel machines evolved into the multi-line slots of the present day where players can access 25 paylines and up, as well as a sweet and varied number of bonuses, scatters, free spins and more. However, three reel machines are still popular, and while they don’t pay out often, they do go overboard when they manage to pay out.

Classic slots might have a dated look and come with simple icons, but some players like it that way as it helps them reconnect with the past. These slots are even simpler than other slots, sport fewer icons and have few bonuses. They are however perfect for new players looking to get the hang of things and offer as much fun, excitement and suspense as other more modern and feature-laden slots of the present period.

Classic slots look set to remain popular for years to come and offer a classic experience that’s remarkably addictive.

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