What Is A Scatter Symbol?

Scatter symbol in slot games are the symbols that might appear elsewhere than the win line but still register a win for the players. Generally, in slot games, most wins are scored when certain matching symbols fall on a particular win line on the game reel. However, a win on the slot games that includes Scatter symbol might also be registered when these symbols appear, depending on different slot games, a different number of symbols are required to register the win no matter where they appear on the game reel.

These symbols are used in online video slots, although, some arcade slots and fruit machine also make use of these symbols. These symbols are mostly used to unlock many bonus features like free spin or a mini bonus game. Depending on the number of symbols that appear on the game reel in one spin, the bonuses changes.

Although scatter symbols are a very common feature but not all the slot games include them, they appear right on the screen when you start a game, if included. In video slots, usually, the bonus feature is rewarded like the bonus round scatter. When more than 3 symbols appear on the game reel in one spin, the players get a chance to play a mini-game or bonus round for extra rewards and prizes.

What Is A Scatter Symbol?

How do the symbols work?

The way these symbols work might vary from game to game. Depending on the game pattern, symbols provide different rewards on different games. It is advisable to go through the paytable and understand how the play works before starting to play to know more about individual scatter features like wild scatters, multiplier scatters and expanding scatters.

Unlock the rewards

The term “unlock” is a must know for any player of the slot games. Unlock means when a player acquires the accessibility to extra bonus features and perks. The slot games have some featured “locked” or not accessible like the free spins and multiplier spins that can only be accessed by winning symbol rewards. Once unlocked, these features remain accessible till the game progresses, therefore, players who spend more time on the game get the enhanced casino experience.

How unlocking works?

The slot games are where the players spin the game reels in order to get a combination of symbols to win rewards. There are specific matching combinations that reward a win and hence pay the player as per the rate of wage per line. Different slots cover a different number of winning lines every spin and there are also additional features that add up to the player’s win. In some games, all the features are available or unlocked from the starting but in most games, some extra bonus features are locked and made available as the game processes and the player meets some certain requirements.

For example, the very famous Peggle slot game where a player is made to choose one out of the ten bonus rounds by selecting a character, but these characters are made available only when the player meets certain requirements during the gameplay. For example, one character is unlocked after a series of 10 consecutive losing spins and other is unlocked after a 25 line win. These additional bonus features are generally unlocked by winning with a certain combination of specific symbols like the Scatter symbol.

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