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Popularized by the casinos in downtown Vegas, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is popular with the online crowd, thanks to its simple rules, low house edge, and simple gameplay. Microgaming has released an online version of the game and you can play it at Sparkle Slots casino. The game comes with both guest mode, which is the free mode, as well as the real money mode. You can take advantage of the free mode to learn to play the game and practice your strategy or the trick of card counting, etc. 

General rules of the game 

Vegas Downtown Blackjack shares most of the rules with the original Blackjack game. Hence the aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s score without going bust. The concept of natural blackjack is applicable here too, and the player’s blackjack beats the dealer’s blackjack anytime. 

There are some rules unique to this version of the game, and it is these that make this game so much more player-friendly. Firstly, this version is played with only 2 decks of the card; it comes with a house edge of 0.39%. Secondly, there is no restriction on players doubling down; players are allowed to double down even after splitting. Thirdly, splitting is possible with both identical cards as well as identical value cards but players are allowed to split for a maximum of three times only. 

The importance of a good strategy 

Though Vegas Downtown Blackjack is very simple, it is important to have and use some sort of strategy rather than totally depending on luck, especially if you are looking for consistent wins. Here are some important points to include when devising a strategy: 

1. Irrespective of the dealer’s up card you stand on a soft 17, a soft 19, soft 20 or a pair of 10s.

2. Additionally, the way to go forward with a hand that has a total of 11 is to double down irrespective of what the dealer’s upcard is.

3. This version of the game allows splitting of Aces once, and this is why you should do with a pair of Aces.

4. With a pair of 5s, you only hit if the dealer’s upcard is a 10 or an 11. If the dealer’s upcard is anything other than that you double down. 


Thus, Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a simple game, ideal for advantage play and best played using a strategy. Take advantage of the free games to practice your strategy and ensure consistent wins.

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Game Name: Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Posted On: 05/12/2019

Author: Jennifer Albee