The Spinball slot game is entertaining and engaging and has been designed in a format where the player’s “luck” is always in his hands. Bounce the ball and earn more wins; play this new and unique slots game at Sparkle Slots Casino online. 

Game Features 

The theme on which this slots game is designed is very new and unique. It is designed to look and feel just like the Pinball machine of the old, complete with the slots machine looking like the original Pinball machine, the tiny ball that bounces and lights up the various parts of the machine and the paddles at the bottom that allow the players to maneuver the ball and keep it from falling off the machine. In this slots version of the game, every time the ball strikes specific parts or enters specific zones players are rewarded in the form of the respective payouts or other special bonuses. 

Overall the visual aspects of Spinball slot are quite impressive; the developers managed to realize all the design aspects that made Pinball so entertaining while introducing all of those elements that make slot games great. And the introduction of the skill aspect (maneuvering the ball for wins) makes this slots game a lot more interesting than most online slots. 

Special features 

Every aspect of this slot game is unique, special and exciting. Players can win payouts every time the ball strikes on the various components of the Pinball machine. The area lights up and provides players with a specific payout. There are specific regions on the machine like the bouncer zone at the top and the booster zone at the left that is more lucrative for the player. 

Bonus features 

The Spinball slot game comes with some great features one of which is the free spins bonus round. Yes, players can get free spins in this game too and all they have to do is maneuver the ball in a way that it enters the Free Spins Zone. The free spins zone is located on the top right of the machine and every time the ball enters this zone players are rewarded with 5 free spins. The free spins mode is automatically activated and continues until all the 5 free spins are spent. 


Thus, the Spinball slot game is exciting, engaging, and unique and provides more entertainment to the player as their luck is totally in their own hands. Try the game and see how much you can win!

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Game Summary

Game Name: Spinball

Posted On: 13/12/2019

Author: Jennifer Albee