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What makes Evolution Gaming’s Live Immersive Roulette so special is the fact that it is a visually stunning virtual roulette game. The audio effects of the wheel and ball spinning add a realistic touch to your gameplay. You will be dealing with live dealers each time you play and this game is beamed in real time from Riga in Latvia. This is where the studios of Evolution Gaming is located and games are played always with real money. Read on to learn more about this roulette game.

Live Immersive Roulette Played In Real Money Mode

Once you have signed up you can play Live Immersive Roulette with real money. There are no practice or trial mode available only a real money mode, so make a deposit in your gaming account to start playing.

To get started you only need a token of £1 which is the minimum betting sum per round. If you are a casual or low stake player, then this game will meet your need for a cost-effective virtual roulette. However, high stake players can take a chance to earn big by placing considerable betting sums per round. The maximum wager allowed per round is £10,000.   

Getting Started

To place your bets you will have to pick any of the 6 sizes of betting chips. The betting chip sizes range from £1 to £2,000. The “Place Your Bets” button will come alive once you have picked your betting chips and the playing table move forward.

The betting table goes back into position when the “Bet Closed” button becomes active. This occurs after you have placed your bets on a number or area on the playing table. If you want to play in full screen, then you can go over to the setting menu located at the lower right side of the playing screen.

However, if you do not have very fast internet speed, then you can reduce the overall video quality from the settings menu as well. This way you can boost the speed of your gameplay in Live Immersive Roulette even with a slow internet speed.

Friendly Croupiers

The croupiers in Live Immersive Roulette are as friendly as can be. You are carefully given a guide of the platform to help you grasp the various functions in the game quickly. There is language option available to allow you to play the virtual roulette in a language you are comfortable with. All the action is brought to you live and direct and in real time. You can play using several camera angles and all the cameras provide high definition video quality.

To Sum Up

Live Immersive Roulette meets the demands of both low and high stake players. The HD live feed with multi-camera angles will give you the ultimate virtual gameplay for a roulette game.

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Game Summary

Game Name: Live Immersive Roulette

Posted On: 02/11/2017

Author: Jennifer Albee