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Blackjack is easily one of the most popular games on this green earth and among the most played by people of all stripes and colours. It is entertaining, fulfilling, suspenseful and has a history that’s by far richer than most historical places!

Due to these factors and lots more, there are lots of variants of this game around, which are regularly introduced into the market by game developers eager to make a name for themselves. Most of these games never make much of a splash for one reason or the other and are soon forgotten. NetEnt is however determined that this not be the case with their Blackjack Professional Series Standard, which infuses new life and vigour into an old game that was played by kings and lots of royalty.

Live Life Anew With Blackjack Professional Series Standard!

Standard rules of blackjack are followed in this new NetEnt creation. Thus, at the start of the game, players place bets and are then dealt two initial cards. They can then either stand or hit depending on preference.

Apart from hitting and standing, players of the Blackjack Professional Series Standard can as well double down or split as desired. All these options serve to make the game much more entertaining.

The minimum and maximum permissible bets in Blackjack Professional Series Standard is one euro to 40 euros respectively. A total of 3 different chips are provided here, which range in value from 1 to 5 and10 euros. These chips can be used singly or in combination according to preference.

Rather than the standard 8 decks of cards found in most blackjack variants, Blackjack Professional Series makes use of just 4. As well, for a win in which the winning hand is composed of a couple of jack of spades, the prize is boosted with a win multiplier of 100x.

For this to happen, the player is required to have a jack as their initial card, or they can have a couple of jacks in their initial blackjack hand.

Final Thoughts

The Blackjack Professional Series Standard re-imagines an old game and gives it a new lease of life that’s bound to draw lots of old and new fans looking to get thrilled beyond the limit! It has lots of features, plays quite well, and looks great. Overall, playing it to the hilt should be atop the bucket list of anyone anytime!

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Blackjack Professional Series

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Game Summary

Game Name: Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Posted On: 02/11/2018

Author: Jennifer Albee