Beehive Bedlam


Beehive Bedlam is an animal and nature-themed video slot game designed and released by OpenBet. This is a Progressive type online casino slot game with no definite number of reels or paylines. However, you do have an “Autoplay” feature as well as a Free Spins bonus feature. Players can start off a game with as little as just 10p per spin or they can decide to up their respective bets to as high as £500 per spin.

This makes Beehive Bedlam a video slot best suited for all categories of players including casual, low and high stakes players. This online slot is available for mobile play. It also has a Jackpot prize of a stake multiplier that is as much as 10,000x a player's total bet.

Beehive Bedlam Gameplay

On just having a quick glance at Beehive Bedlam, you would think it is an arcade type game. While this may as well be the case, but this slot offers more than that. As mentioned earlier, you have a number of bonus features and a Progressive Jackpot in this slot. You begin by placing your respective bets which can be as low as 10p per spin or as high as £500 per spin.

This is not your typical slot with a standard reel set. In place of a reel set you have a beehive with a total of 7 vertical and horizontal spots. You will earn a win whenever you are capable of matching at least 5 symbols on the beehive structure. Spins begin once the “Play” button is clicked on after bets have been placed. In addition, players can decide to play a predetermined amount of spins without breaking by clicking on the “Autoplay” button.

Whenever a minimum of 5 identical symbols are landed on the beehive, the symbol involved and the win is recorded in a “Pollen Count” section which is located on the right side of the playing screen. When a combo win is landed, the symbols drop off for new symbols to fall into their vacant spaces from the top horizontal positions.

The symbols on the beehive include a Daisy flower, a Pinkish flower, a Purplish flower, a Reddish and Bluish flower. Other symbols include a Beekeeper and a bee known as Buzz. In this video slot there is a bonus symbol known as a Free Fall. This bonus symbol will trigger the Free Spins feature and during this feature two additional symbols appear.

These symbols are the Boss Man and Queen Bee symbols. Sadly, you have no Wild icons in this online slot, but they are not missed because of the bonus features which are more than capable of boosting wins and payouts.

The Free Falls Bonus Feature

You can activate the Beehive Bedlam Free Falls bonus feature when you land at least 3 Free Fall icons on the beehive structure. With 3 Free Fall icons you will earn 8 Free Falls and 4 Free Fall icons will fetch you 10 Free Falls. By landing 5 Free Fall symbols on the beehive, you will receive 12 Free Falls while 15 Free Falls are earned when you land 6 or more Free Fall icons on the beehive.

In the Free Fall round you have the Boss Man and Queen Bee symbols show up, these symbols are viewed as the most precious and valuable of all the symbols in this slot. If you land at least 3 Free Fall icons during a Free Fall round, you will activate additional Free Fall games.

As you get to the last Free Fall game, there are a swarm of bees that will fly right over the upper part of the playing screen and in the process they will drop seven letters to form the word “JACKPOT” right on the vacant spots on the beehive. Where this word is formed on the beehive, you will receive the Progressive Jackpot prize of a 10,000x stake multiplier.

Beehive Bedlam Honey Jar Bonus

Whenever sets of Beekeeper icons are landed on the beehive in Beehive Bedlam, a honey jar located on the left-hand side of the beehive will fill up gradually. Once the honey jar is completely filled, a bonus feature will be activated. In this bonus feature, players will have to manoeuvre a bee as it buzzes from one end of the screen to the other.

This bee will dodge obstacles as it buzzes across the playing screen while picking up coins as it buzzes along. As you win a bonus round you will rise a level (there are 10 Island levels) for each honey jar world. You will receive a payout with every win earned.

To Sum Up

Fast paced and action packed is one way to describe Beehive Bedlam. You will earn wins pretty quickly albeit small payouts. However, with the frequency of wins almost guaranteed, you should expect to have an accumulation of small wins leading to a big payout in no time.

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Game Summary

Game Name: Beehive Bedlam

Author: Jennifer Albee

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