Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Replace Live Dealers Online?

Gaming with live dealers has taken the internet to the forefront over the past few years. More and more, novices and veteran players alike are embracing the live dealers online experience instead of traditional online gambling.

This is understandable given how enjoyable and entertaining live casino gaming is. Additionally, several casinos have been testing the most recent machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Augmented Reality plays a part in shaping the gaming experience of the future. Some think it could render live dealers obsolete. In the event of jumping right to the conclusion that this isn’t going to happen…ever. Whether AI can take over live dealers online continues to be a topic of debate. 

 Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Replace Live Dealers Online?

When you think about the factors that lead people to choose an experience at a live dealers online, in the beginning, it is clear that this is a discussion with no reasoning.

What is AI?

AI is the intelligence of a robotic or machine. It’s like human intelligence. However, it is dealing with machines. One good illustration can be found on one of the Royal Caribbean ships with a robot bartender known as Tipsy Robot.  The machine can mix and make up to 120 drinks per hour. At the moment, Tipsy Robot is already working within Las Vegas casinos.

The Traditional Live Dealers Online

Casino dealers are at the core of the excitement you will experience at any live casino. They are trained professionals who ensure that players adhere to the game’s rules and that the games are played smoothly. Live dealers online also have an attractive persona that makes the entire game experience exciting and entertaining. They’ll ensure that everyone is comfortable at the table and assist new players. 

Overall, the prospect of robots taking over human dealers would be an enormous task, but it isn’t a matter.

Cue Robot Dealer

Casinos spend a lot on human wages. This is why most operators are burning the midnight oil to make sure they have smooth and efficient operations but at a lower cost. The average dealer’s pay has increased by 150% in the past decade.

For instance, Evolution has already incorporated an arm robotic that throws the dice in the live craps game. But, if this practice extends into other casino live games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, etc and more, then we can say that live dealer’s future is in doubt.

Arguments in Favor of Robots

On the other hand, some claim that bringing more robots into online gaming is logical. While it isn’t going to dilute the whole game, AI could – at the very least theoretically could bring about many improvements.

For instance, robot dealers can operate on an all-hours basis without needing rest. They’re also completely free to use after being designed and activated, which keeps costs low for online casinos.

Most importantly, the latest AI technology can replicate the live dealers online experience with astounding precision. Similar to how chatbots are revolutionizing how customer service is delivered and customer service, it is speculated that the same thing could be the case for AI when it comes to online gambling.

Robots provide an effortless, seamless and consistently smooth gaming experience with no human intervention needed. From the casino’s perspective, at the least, it’s a choice that comes with many advantages.

A Social Service

Although there is always an occasional exception from time to time, most casino players are extremely social. Even when they play on the internet, they are prone to enjoying gaming and experience that is social.

This is among the major reasons that live dealers online gaming has become an enormous success globally. Many people prefer the live gaming experience instead of the conventional alternative because it’s, in essence, more social.

It is possible to say that you eliminate the social element by removing the live dealers online. Also, in doing so, take away what made live dealers online gaming so popular initially.

People who want to go online for social interaction are likely to make a run for their preferred live casino. Others who prefer to be in a quiet space can enjoy as many machine-based games as they want.

In which scenario does there exist a need for AI gambling at all? If a wide range of options serves both players, what’s the need for AI?

How AI Will Affect Casino Gambling?

As of now, it’s clear that casinos that are based in the land and online are being sacked. One reason is that robotics are less expensive to manage than human labor. A typical casino like Las Vegas dealer earns about $15 per hour. If a dealer is working for 6 hours every day, this is a total of $2700 per month.

In addition, there are fewer human errors using AI-powered casino operators. In the present, human mistakes can cost casinos around the world millions, or even billions. 

This is the case for the cashier, floorperson, pit boss, floor person, and any other employee involved. With robots, casinos can handle very rare programming errors.

For the player, tipping the dealer is likely a thing of the past. This won’t just help you save a few dollars but will also guarantee a safe and fair platform for gaming. For the player, that’s terrible news.


While this article is mostly about speculations, the fact lies in the fact that AI will be the dominant force. It’s a matter of when, not when it will occur. It could be a century or half 100 years.

The good fact is that human intelligence is at an entirely different level. People who play at the casino are known as highly social. It’s therefore foolish to believe that gaming in casinos is the same with no human interactions.

In the end, AI will only come to augment human intelligence, not substitute it. Therefore, you should apply for that live dealer job. The future is even brighter!

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