What Is A Missed Blind?

Being in a Casino is an overwhelming experience. There are many norms and said unsaid rules that might be very new to a beginner, but for experts, these rules and norms are a part of their daily conversation. Just with the mention of the term, the professional gamblers are able to identify and gauge the situation and take steps accordingly.

What Is A Missed Blind?

If you are a beginner, there will be many such terms that you need to know and one of those terms is, ‘Missed blind’. Missed blind is a circumstantial term that was developed in the gambling world. Here is missed blind explained:

A missed blind occurs when, during a running game, a player is absent from his place. After a blind is missed, when a player wants to reenter the game, the player is supposed to resolve the financial advantage they might have got on missing the round. They need to post a ‘Super blind’ to resolve the benefits if they earned any.

The options in the ‘missed blind’ in games:

A missed blind is a native feature to poker games, both online and land based. Usually, the players sitting to the left of the dealer are asked to bet before the game begins. On missing the turn, the player may be given an option to compensate on the missing blind and rejoin the game, or the player could wait until the round of blinds is complete and wait for his turn to come, naturally. It rarely happens that the person experiences one type of miss, usually a person misses both the blinds. If the person misses only the small blind bet, he is entitles only to the small blind bet. The small blind bet is considered, which is mostly treated as ‘dead’.

The person who has missed a blind is given two options to return to the game:

  • Missed big blind.
  • Missed small blind.

The two types of missed blinds:

When a dealer deals in a live casino, cards are not dealt when the players are not at the table. This arises the chance of missing a blind. When the player who is absent, returns to the game, the player may earn an advantage. To keep the game fair and to avoid any advantage to the returning player, the player when rejoins the table needs to put a bet called as the ‘Super blind’. A super blind is inclusive of the small blind and big blind. Out of the two blinds, the big blind bet is considered to be live.

A small blind, as the name indicates is a small bet and a big blind, is a big blind bet. The big blind bet is typically twice the small blind bet. The blinds move with the dealer’s position. There are several card games and the concept of a small blind and a big blind is usually used only as a blind. The missed blind is a very common concept prevalent in poker and other card games.

Missed blinds in online casinos:

In online casinos too, the blinds are followed. If a person disappears, the person can press the button that says blinds. In online system, the small blind bet as well as the big blind bet, both are encapsulated in one.

A blind, a game?

A question that revolves everyone’s mind is whether the player if wants to rejoin, have to make up for the multiple rounds of absence? Well, the answer is no. Only once the bet needs to be placed. There is no track of how many times the blinds passes the seat in the absence of the player.

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