What Is Hit Frequency?

Hit frequency is a term in poker which indicated how many times the player has the chances to win at a game. The hit frequency does not indicate how much money is the player going to make, it simply indicates the number of wins a player is going to make. A hit frequency is the number of times a player would win something back in return of his bet.

What Is Hit Frequency?

Hit Frequency: The Mathematical Expression

Hit frequency can be determined mathematically. The exact number can be calculated with a mathematical expression. For example, if the hit frequency of a game is said 33.33% percent, the person would register a win once every three games. This means that a person is sure to win something one every three games. It does not at all mean that the person would win 33.33% returns or anything of that sort. The returns are not predictable.

Some hit frequency but different returns:

The hit frequency is different than the money return that the player gets on every win. For the same hit frequency, a player might just be able to recover the amount invested while some player might be able to make fortune out of it. There is a big difference between the two.

Hit frequency vs the returns:

It is a common prerogative that states that low risk leads to mediocre or low returns while high risk yields high returns. Similarly, the hit rate is nothing but the chances of registering a win. With high hit frequency, the returns earned by a person are low as compared to the returns earned on the low hit frequency. To understand it better, consider the two cases:

  • Consider the case where the game has a high hit frequency: If the hit frequency is 80%, there is surely a win for every 80 times out of 100 in a game. In such case, the player would never get high returns as the total payout of the game gets distributed over more chances.
  • On the other hand, consider a game with low hit frequency, of say about 1%. In this case, the players would win only 1 time out of the 100 times that the game is played. It is thus possible to give out all the payout amount of the game in one chance. Thus the person who wins at low hit frequency yields more returns.

Which games have high hit frequency:

Different gambling games have different purposes. Some games are played in a light mood where the players are not stressed too much and are played over good music and food and drinks. On the other hand, some games like the lottery, leverage on the low hit frequency and hence the winners are able to book profits that are way beyond their investment.

Which is better, low or high hit count?

The preference of low and high hit frequency is very subject to a lot of things like the risk-taking capacity, the kind of game the players are invested in and the purpose of gambling. Gambling games with a high frequency of having a hit may make lesser money, but the player feels safe as the player keeps winning small amounts. While the games with a lower hit rate have a potential to win jackpots but at the same time, the player may get frustrated and give up as the chances of losing are high. Thus if big jackpot is what you are looking for, then games with low hit frequency like lottery are your thing. And if you are not looking to make huge money and also not looking to take a lot of risks and want to enjoy yourself and the game, slot games and other casino games are your thing.

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