Dime Bet: Casino Slang Word Explained

Dime Bet or a Dime Wager is term commonly used in Casino and Online Casino games. A dime bet in casino lingo means a bet of $1000. Sometimes, the value of a dime bet varies but a standard dime wager is a bet worth a thousand dollars. It is associated with many other terms or slang words in the world of casino gaming.

Dime Bet: Casino Slang Word Explained


In the gambling world, generally in America, the term “nickel” is used. A Nickel is a bet worth five hundred dollars. In the states, officially a nickel is a currency worth 5 cents. In the online casino, a nickel bet may refer to a wager worth 5 cents or $500 depending on the game to game. Nickel is actually a coin worth 5 cents, many slot machines initiate at one nickel.


A C-note is something you often hear in the music industry but in casinos, it is entirely a different thing. A C-note refers to one $100 note. It is widely used in Casinos, especially in America. The term was popularised by the gangster movies back in the 1950s and 60s, the term is now rarely used.


In gambling and online casino games, a buck is a bet worth $100. However, a buck might also mean any minimum unit currency. The term buck is widely used in America and worldwide. It is important to understand that a buck in gambling is very different from bucks used in daily life.


In casinos and other gambling, a Dime may refer to a wager worth a thousand dollars. A dime in America is a coin of a ten cents value. Players usually call to “play a dime” in gambling which means to place a bet worth $1000. However, sometimes dime is used to refer to a low amount such as $100.

Dollar Bet

A Dollar Bet in casino terms is a wager worth 100 dollars or pounds or euros depending on the regional currency. The term is very widely used in online casinos too. Dollar bet is placed in high-stakes table games. A dollar in America is a currency note of 100 cents value. There is a popular variation of Poker called dollar poker.

Half-Dollar Bet

Not to be fooled by the name, a half-dollar bet is actually a wager worth $50. This term is widely used in casino and online casino games like Poker, Roulette or sports betting. However, in video slots, a half-dollar actually means 50 cents coin and is the lowest starting value.


In the gambling world, Skoon is a term used for denoting one dollar. Skoon is rarely used, a buck is a more popular word now. Skoon was used more widely in the 1970s. A skoon bet refers to a wager worth one dollar.


A quarter is an American gambling slang referring to $25 or sometimes $250. In British casinos, a quarter refers to 25 or 250 pounds. A quarter in casino games is a wager worth 25 times the unit currency.

How Dime Bet works

In casino games and other sorts of gambling, a dime is a wager worth $1000. In casino games, players usually call to “put a dime on” which means to place a dime bet on something. Although, $1000 is the standard value for a dime bet, sometimes the value of $100 or $10 or $10000 might also be called a dime.

Dime bets are generally used in America. In Europe, the value and the name may vary depending from place to place. Dime bets are mostly played in Horse racing and car racing as they involve high-stakes gambling.

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