What are the Top features of a Video Slot?

It’s hard to find a casino, either brick-and-mortar or online, with the most extensive slot machine options. This is particularly true for online casinos. These platforms have hundreds of titles from their gaming library of casino games.

At first glance, all of these games might appear identical in terms of design and mechanics. Still, enthusiasts who have had any experience playing slots will recognize that video slots are different from traditional slots. 

So, what’s the specific formula of these slots, and how can gamblers differentiate them from traditional ones? This article outlines the key aspects of a modern-day video slot.

Layout: Ideally, you should be able to cram more than three reels

The majority of video slot machines currently available have a minimum of four reels or more. With a greater number of slots and reels, slots are more likely to have more paylines, the typical being between 30-40. But, it’s not unusual to find video slot machines with as many as 100 paylines.

Aesthetics: Enhanced Graphics, Themes, and Sounds

One of the unique aspects of slot machines is their graphics. They use sharp and clear symbols set against detailed backgrounds of a specific theme, which is inspired by the past, famous people, film, music, and many more.

A slot’s soundtrack should be in line with the theme in terms of gaming audio. For instance, a game based on a famous 70s rock group will have head-bobbing songs from the band’s most well-known albums. 

A video slot inspired by a cooking program on television will have realistic food icons like succulent seafood, perfect burgers, and brownies with fudge-covered fudge.

The slots often also depict historical periods. This is the case in The Rich Wilde slot series, which is primarily set in Egypt and other ancient pyramids and temples across the globe.

Features: A Large Range Of Bonus Games

The majority of video slot machines are made on bonus elements. They take players away from the game’s main features and move them into separate areas where they can earn various rewards like free spins, multipliers, jackpots, and many more.

Video slots also have to scatter wild symbols, in contrast to others which may have fruit symbols scattered on three reels. Some slots provide the possibility of triggering numerous bonus features, while others may only offer one feature.

However, these extra games add to the overall experience of a slot machine and have become an everyday experience for internet players.

The modern slot game is continually being raised to new heights by companies and developers. Who knows what these games with video technology will be able to offer shortly!

The Most Common Characteristics

  • Free Spins
  • Spin and Hold
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Pick the Box
  • Wild Multipliers
  • Symbol Cascade Features
  • Expanding Wild Symbols
  • Symbol Slide
  • Pick until it pops

Reel-Based Features

Free Spins

The most popular reel-based bonus game found on video slot machines includes the bonus spin. It is estimated that 80 percent of slot machines offer a free game feature. It is generally required to be able to hit a specific number of scatters to be eligible for the set number in free games.

Hold and Spin

This Hold and Spin feature has been gaining huge popularity, you play the feature using six unique symbols. You could be awarded an initial Mini Bonus or minor Bonus and an enormous Jackpot through the symbols, and the entire screen can be awarded a Grand Jackpot.

Other Features

Of course, free spins aren’t the only form of bonus based on reels. There are many other kinds like wild multipliers and frequently changing symbols. These cascades remove additional symbols that take their slot, expanding wilds, where symbols expand to completely cover the reel on which it is located and slide features in which one symbol is moved through the spins.

Non-Reel-Based Features

Once you are off the reels, the variety of different types of bonus games is only limited by the imagination of the game’s creators. But, in reality, there are the most basic of principles.

Pick an item from a box

A game that is loved is one of the most popular is the “Pick A Box” type bonus game in which you are presented with a variety of options, and you need to choose the items you want to take home. The “Pick A Box” bonus is available in many variants.

For instance, you get to choose boxes until you get your Pooper symbol on games like the WMS Gaming Jackpot Party. It is often called a “Pick until you pop” game in which you have to continue picking until you find the bonus symbol.

Wheel-Based Bonuses

This Wheel of Fortune category is also extremely popular among players. These bonus games let you have to hit a particular combination to trigger a wheel bonus. 

The wheel turns, and you will be awarded an amount of money based on where it comes to an end. There are various kinds of wheel bonuses, one of the most popular ones being called the classic Wheel of Fortune Video Slot.

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