New Age Verification Checks: What UK Players Should Know

Recently new age verification for gamblers have hit the casinos in order to increase the safety in the casinos. The rules for eligibility in the casinos have become a little strict than the earlier one’s to stop the under-age gambling as well as crimes like money laundering. With this for the casinos to know who is playing in their casino, the new set of rules are put forth in front of the players so that no one can use anyone else’s name and identity for gambling in the casinos. These rules are a little strict and different but they definitely will erase all miss-behaves in the casinos.

New Age Verification Checks: What UK Players Should Know

Official guidelines of the new rules:

According to the recently reformed rules of the gambling two things were highlighted in the documents

  • Stricter identity verification checks for remote betting and gaming operators: In terms of age verification players needs to provide the casinos with appropriate identity proof to the casinos
  • Stricter age verification checks: Now the casinos need to make sure that they know the players who are gambling in their own casino to avoid all the malpractices.

These verifications will be applied to the players when,

  • Deposit funds into their account.
  • Access any free-to-play games which may be available.
  • Gamble with their own money, bonus money or free bets.

How will the changes affect the players?

There is no such inconvenience for the players by the reformation of these rules, their gaming experience will remain the same.  However, there will be some new steps involved in signing up to a casino and claiming welcome bonuses. Such new measures may include:

  • Disallowing unverified players to access demo-mode games and slots.
  • Asking players to supply ID during the registration process.
  • Freezing free-bets and bonuses until accounts are verified.
  • Email reminders when your account details haven’t been updated for a while.

How to prepare yourself for the new age verification checks?

Without taking any extra time from your gambling there are some rules that the gambling commission chose to change. Following these rules is mandatory for the players and it is quite a speedy procedure. It is just little time consuming for the new registrations. In order to make the whole procedure smooth here are few things which every player should keep in mind before going in the casinos.

  1. Make sure you give appropriate personal details to the casino: You may think this is apparent but many times there have been cases where players give wrong email id’s and old house addresses, this might increase the risk for the casino in case of any emergency.
  2. Carry the scanned id in your phone and laptops: It is obligatory for the players to carry scanned copies of their documents so that whenever the casinos ask them they could immediately upload it. This will let you to start the game as soon as possible. These are the valid identity proofs you may need to submit in the casino:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s licence
    • Recent utility bill
    • Recent bank or credit card statement
    • HMRC tax document
    • Electoral register entry
  3. In case of changes make sure you update all the information immediately:

Under the new UKGC regulations, it’s very likely that players who fail to keep their accounts up to date may be sanctioned. As such, to ensure that your casino account isn’t frozen, you need to keep your personal details up to date at all times. In case you change your email id or phone number, or you shift to a new place the first thing you ought to do is update the new information in the casino. It is very simple too, all you need to do is log in to your account and change the personal details.

These new rules does sound meticulous but they will definitely give a full stop to all the wrong practices in the casino.

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Blog Name: New Age Verification Checks: What UK Players Should Know

Posted On: 25/05/2019

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