Different types of Online Slots machines

The innovations and the creativity in the online slots have made them most popular casino games. There are thousands of online slots available in the gambling industry. With so much competition, the developers have been on a continuous pressure to brings unique aspects to these casino games. Game providers keep coming up with innovative features in their slots to one-up the others in the industry.

Different types of Online Slot machines

How online Online Slots have evolved?

Online Slots can be differentiated by the number of reels and the game types. Reels are spinning the symbols on your screen. They are called reels because there used to be physical reels which spun before displaying the symbols. From having 3-reels when it was first launched, slots have evolved to having 7-reels. The 7-reel online slots mostly have jackpots since the seven reels make it harder to win the Jackpot.

Slots have changed a lot over the years from being 3-reel fruit slots to interactive slots with 3D graphics and a soundtrack to match. There are the following five types of slots based on their characteristics:

Classic Slots

Classic slots are usually 3-reel and replicate the old-school slots and sometimes the arcade games. These slots were launched 1899 and are still in existence in online casinos. There is no flashy storylines and no thrilling graphics. The gameplay is simple consisting of classic symbols. Add a whirring sound and a ka-ching as the reels stop, you can picture yourself in a land-based casino among the people milling around.

Progressive Slots

As the popularity of the jackpot slots grew, progressive came into existence. First, the jackpot was accumulated in one slot which later changes to many slots as the technology grew. The attraction about the progressive slots is the jackpot which is usually in six or seven figures at times could even go more . Progressive slots keep growing as the number of games played increases.

Video Slots

Video Slots changed the way slots were perceived until then. Though it was first launched in 1975, it didn’t take root until the 1980’s. Video slots come with a theme and a storyline which creates an immersive environment for the players. These online slots came with innovative features and advanced graphics. The creative process that goes behind any video slot is quite marvellous.

3D Slots

With technological advancements, the game developers had to come up with new advancements to keep up with the demands. This led to the introduction of 3-dimensional characters and dynamic gameplay. Most online slots these days have animated characters based on your favourite TV Show and movie. These usually have interesting bonus rounds which resemble a video game.

Multi Payline Slots

Old-school, 3-reel slot machines had only one payline. Once you had three similar symbols on all three reels, it would be considered a win. With the invention of 5-reel slots, multi paylines was a common sight. 20 payline slots are also very common these days. You even have an option of placing a bet on one of the paylines or all the paylines. A number of paylines obviously equates to more chances of winning these days.

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