Top 7 Poker Destinations You Must Know

Online poker has been a marvelous invention. It brings together millions of people from all over the globe to raise, bluff, and play poker at any time, anywhere. You’ve probably considered taking your passion for poker outside of your living room if you are one of those people who stays up late reading the computer screen. Playing against people from other countries is what initially attracted you to online poker. Why not combine your love of poker, travel, and meeting new people by booking an excellent poker holiday?

Here is the list of the best poker destinations where you should go, so without further ado, let’s begin.



Paradise Island is the perfect place to play against some of the most stunning backdrops in the world. It’s located in New Providence in the Bahamas. This is the island that houses Poker Star’s Caribbean Adventure and Atlantis Casino.

You can choose from three poker options at this casino: Ultimate Texas Hold ’em Poker, Five Card Progressive, and Three Card Progressive. There are many water parks, night-time entertainment, and beautiful beaches available for families who wish to take a break from the table.

2.Manila Philippines

Another must-see destination for poker fans is the Philippines. There are locations such as Cebu, Paranaque, and Pampanga, and Manila, which all have poker rooms and casinos. For Filipinos, gambling is a way of living. Manila is the center of all the gambling activities in the country. There are many other ways to enjoy gambling in the Philippines. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, (PAGCOR). The gaming industry employs over 11,000 people.

Manila had the same number of poker tournaments in 2014 as Macau. However, Macau’s money was five times more than Manila’s. The game of poker is also growing in Manila and could eventually overtake Macau. English is their official language. The country’s accommodation costs are also very affordable, which draws many tourists.

Manila could become Asia’s first choice for poker after the Macau Government has placed many restrictions on the region’s table games. One of the most impressive of the country’s casinos is located on the shores at Manila Bay. It is part of a Las Vegas-styled complex called “The Las Vegas Complex.” “Entertainment City “A few billion-dollar casinos are now available in the city of New York.

The New World Manila Bay Hotel is two of the most well-known casinos in the country. It would be best if you visited them to play some poker. Solaire Resort & Casino is another famous spot. Its success has been a testament to its popularity.


Singapore is another gaming destination that cannot be overlooked. Due to the strange laws enacted to allow gambling, Singapore is still behind Macau in terms of revenue from gambling. It will shock you to learn that, even though they have a lot of money from gambling each year, Singapore only has two casinos. Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands both opened their doors to customers in 2010.

Foreigners are allowed to enter the country without paying a fee, although locals will have to pay an entry fee of SGD 100. The Marina Bay Sands casino is a stunning design that lights up the skyline above Singapore. It boasts three towers, several restaurants, and a few nightclubs. Mohandas Pai, an IT veteran. There is only one legal place to play live poker in Singapore. It’s located in the smoking area of Resorts World Sentosa.

This small space has only seven tables and is why major brands such as Asia Poker League (APL), Asian Poker Tour(APT), or Asia-Pacific Poker Tours (APPT) never host any significant tournament series. Resorts World is a great place to make stunning poker profits if you’re on holiday in this beautiful country. Why? Why? No tax earned in Singapore from poker!

4.Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This is one of the fastest-growing poker hotspots. There are many casinos in Vietnam. However, Ho Chi Minh is the most popular. There are many good casinos to visit in Vietnam, including New World Saigon Hotel, Grand Hotel Saigon, etc. Saigon is the original name of Ho Chi Minh. However, the most well-known of these is the Pro Poker Club which is the home of most of the international poker tournaments that take place in this region of the globe.

5. Los Angeles, California, United states

Los Angeles is a great place to play poker. It has all the glamour of Hollywood, beautiful beaches, and good old-fashioned gambling. Commerce Casino is a top-rated poker casino with more than 240 card tables.

There are many best things in the area if you want to take a break from poker after converting your online poker skills into real money. Even if you don’t have success, there are still many things to do. Take your kids to Disneyland and enjoy the best surfing in the world. Also, make sure to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see some famous faces.

6.Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona is the ideal place to enjoy a poker vacation. It offers a great mix of culture and incredible gambling opportunities. El Casino de Barcelona is a location for the EPT at the end of August. It offers a great selection of poker tables and a variety of card and casino games.

Barcelona is a wonderful place to spend a family vacation. Here you can enjoy fantastic art, magnificent architecture, and some of Europe’s best food.

7. San Jose, Costa Rica

You can enjoy a South American poker vacation in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital and home to most of the country’s casinos. The city was once a significant stop on the Latin American poker tour. Play a Conchal offers some of the most exciting gambling opportunities in the country.

The Hotel Del Rey has a fantastic poker environment, perfect for a night of gambling after spending the day exploring Costa Rica’s beaches, rainforest, and laid-back culture.

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