The Pros and Cons of High Volatility Slot Machines

The payouts from slot machines aren’t as consistent as those of other casino games. Your results may vary from one session to another. Because of the highly variable results, casino slots can be considered volatile. 

Sometimes it can seem like these games are very sporadic. But, Online slots also differ in terms of volatility. It is possible to gravitate towards high-volatility slot machines without realizing it. 


These slots are more attractive because they offer higher jackpots and more bonus features. Before you play these games, it is important to understand the pros and cons. Continue reading to learn more about the risks and benefits of volatility.

What does high volatility in slot machines mean?

High volatility is also known as a high volatility slot. It has a higher payout than low volatility or medium volatility slots. High volatility slots have higher payout potential, with possible payouts of around 3,000x to 5,000x, 10,000x, or even more. 

There are also high variance slots such as Dead or Alive 2 and some of the Megaways slots that can reward around 50,000x to 100,000x bet!

What does a high-volatility slot machine make?

This question can be answered using Book of Dead, Play’n GO’s example. Book of Dead is a high-volatility slot that offers a real money jackpot up to 250,000 coins.

For example, one in 500,000 spins is likely to see a Mega Jackpot if you bet 2,000x or 5,000x. One in two million spins is required to have a Mega Jackpot exceeding 5,000x. 

Because of the low probability, it is important to realize that the maximum payout for a high-volatility slot is more theoretical.  This is compared to the chance of getting a small amount up to 10x your total wager, or 1 in 3.2 spins between 10x and 20x. As you can see, higher volatility means higher potential payouts. This is similar to a lottery draw.

Slots of High Volatility vs. Low Volatility

Many gamblers associate all slot machines with extreme results. This thinking is not wrong to some extent.

Many slots offer volatility. High-progressive jackpot slots are extremely volatile. Because of their high casino jackpots, they don’t pay as often.

Slots with lower top prizes have lower volatility. Because their prize structures aren’t as extreme, they are more affordable and can be paid more frequently.

The pros of high volatility slot machines

As we mentioned, high-variance slots are very popular with players. They are very popular because of their huge jackpots. This is only one reason why volatile slot machines are worth playing. You can find all the benefits listed below.

Big Jackpots

Slot machines are the fastest way to make a fortune online or in a land-based casino. As we mentioned, high-volatility slot machines usually offer the highest jackpots. These games offer prizes of up to seven- or eight figures.

Megabucks is a Las Vegas casino game that pays out a $39.7 million jackpot. There have been many other eight-figure prizes it has offered throughout its existence. Microgaming Mega Moolah online slot. A jackpot of almost $22million was paid to Mega Moolah. This is only one of many life-changing prizes Mega Moolah has given.

You can also find decent-sized game payouts in low volatility slots machines. They won’t be able to match the multimillion-dollar prizes offered by games with higher volatility.

You will have access to more bonus features.

Over the years, slot bonuses have evolved to be very sophisticated. Many slots offer mini-games as bonuses.

Here’s a sample:

  • Three scatter symbols will trigger a bonus.
  • A second screen opens that displays a racetrack and several cars.
  • Pick one of the cars.
  • Your car will be ahead of the race, and you could be awarded the largest prize.

There are many other bonuses available in the world of casino slots. There are many other bonuses available, including free spins, scatter payouts, and click-me features. Gamblers often first gravitate to slot machines. But bonuses are what keeps them coming back.

Larger Prizes

The slots world is obsessed with jackpots.Many slots do not offer payouts greater than 500 coins. However, you will still find slots that offer multiple larger prizes.

The Cons of Slot Machines with Low Volatility

It’s exciting to chase huge jackpots or trigger bonuses. However, more volatile slot machines are not perfect.

There are some downsides to these machines that might make it difficult for you to play them again. These are the main drawbacks of these slot machines.

You won’t accumulate as much.

Hot streaks are when you accumulate small payouts over a short period. They can be just as rewarding as hitting the jackpots. This joy is not possible with high-volatility slots.

These slots pay less frequently than more volatile machines. As a result, you’ll have more losing streaks. It is not fun to lose over and over at a slot machine. High-variance games require you to accept this situation more often.

These slots make bankroll management more difficult.

To get more enjoyment from slot machines, bankroll management is essential. You can avoid losing too much by managing your bankroll.

This is made more difficult by highly volatile games. It’s difficult to predict what you can expect, making it harder to determine how much money you need. For these types of slots, you can still create a bankroll plan. Your plan can still be successful, but it is more likely to get off track.

Are You a High-Volatility Slot Player?

Slots that have higher volatility are not for everyone. They aren’t often profitable and can cause more downswings in gambling sessions. These slots are still worth the effort. These slots are often more enjoyable than those with higher payouts.

You can weigh the pros and cons to understand better whether volatile slots are right for you. The thrills of large jackpots and bonuses are unbeatable. 

You must be prepared to endure losing streaks that last longer, more difficult bankroll management, and greater unpredictability. Volatility games can be a good choice, as long as you are comfortable with these aspects.


High volatility slot machines carry a greater risk and reward ratio. However, the chances of accumulating large amounts are very slim. High-stakes slot players should realize that they have a greater chance of losing their money than they have of accumulating a small amount.

High volatility isn’t for everyone. There is no way to replicate the excitement of accumulating huge amounts of money. However, it is possible to play responsibly and still have fun.

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