The difference between Local Jackpot Slots & Progressive Slots

One of the biggest concerns in the vast world of online casinos is the distinction between and, more importantly, which is most suitable: local jackpot slot machines or progressive slots? 

Slot machines attract people from different locations, and it transcends all boundaries and is on the floor of every major casino ever. Which online slot should you choose? If you are looking for online slots that offer 500 free spins, two categories are the most well-known. Progressive jackpots vs local jackpots slots.

The difference between Local Jackpot Slots & Progressive Slots

What is the jackpot of a slot machine in a casino online?

No matter if you’re an active gambling player, or you are not, you’ve likely heard the term “jackpot” so many times throughout your life. The term “Jackpot” does not need to be explained within the context of daily life. We typically use the term when we need to point on two aspects:

  • A lot of luck was in the mix
  • We have benefited tremendously. It is, therefore, that is extremely important. In general, it isn’t easy to acquire.

Now, let’s discuss the progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are a lot of slots online that provide progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots slots rise as you play the machine, which is why they have the name. 

The next round is likely to be reset at a certain amount and then increases the same way as before. There is much evidence of progressive jackpots because you will locate them in slot machines and video poker machines.

In addition to the jackpot that has an increment that is predetermined and a variety of machines could be combined to make an even larger progressive jackpot slot.

A slot game with progressive jackpots often displays this amount in vivid colors to entice players.

A casino with a large amount of money can make its progressive jackpot slots have a higher percentage of earnings than expected. For example, for an edge of 5 or greater, the jackpot contribution could be set at one percent of the projected earnings. Casinos will always be a part of the jackpot as the more players like:

  • the notion that progressive jackpots are the basis of progressive jackpot slots
  • the ever-growing pot of gold
  • huge sums that are associated with progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots don’t have limitations and are activated at random. Each casino sets the amount they reserve to pay out its jackpot, with certain jackpots ranging into the millions. All you have to do to get the jackpot is the correct set of symbols and the appropriate wager.

This is an essential requirement since there are a limited number of players who qualify to get the jackpot progressive slots. It is important to understand the game’s rules regarding this before playing. Bets on the game contribute to the prize pool.

There are a lot of slot machines that will only boost the odds that you will get progressive jackpot slots once you stake the highest amount. But you could be able to get some tiny payouts.

Local Jackpot Slots

A local prize is usually tied to a single game. Like progressive jackpots, the local jackpot can also increase as you continue to play. But, the casino might not have a set number of dollars needed to be eligible for the jackpot. Instead, the rate of increase is dependent on the stake amount. There are two crucial distinctions to take note of between progressive and local jackpots slots:

  1. They have created slots specific to the casino online and hence the name.
  2. They don’t have a lot of recognition among players. Therefore, their sizes tend to sit at the low side.

Local jackpot slots are typically used to promote a marketing strategy. The principal goal of the casino in using this method is to distinguish itself from the other casinos.

It is important to know that every casino has guidelines regarding the local jackpot slots for the slot mentioned. It is essential to know the game’s rules and regulations before you can play the high-paying slot machines for real cash.


Both jackpot slots, local and progressive, are legitimate ways to earn money while you play genuine slots online. It is possible to play both types to maximize your stake.

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