The Best gambling documentaries you can watch Today

The more you are aware of casino games, the more fascinating and appealing they are. There have been a variety of films that have been based on gambling and casinos. From high-stakes poker games to Vegas casinos. The general public is intrigued by the subject and is a regular visitor to cinemas to see the films. 

The scenario in which a gambler succeeds and then loses everything is long Hollywood and literary material. These films tend to embellish the life of the gambler, altering reality.

The Best gambling documentaries you can watch Today

Gambling documentaries are a great and educational gaming experience. They also provide an accurate picture of a business that has increased in size ever since gambling online and online casinos became common in the mid-2000s. 

These examples provide insight into the pleasures and tribulations of gambling. There are professional gamblers, the high rollers, mathematicians, and amateurs, offering a unique glimpse into the daily life of the gambler.

1. Now Place Your Bets

“Now Place Your Bets” is a documentary from 2017 written by James Bernardo. The film, which includes well-known characters such as Pete Rose, Joe D’Amico, and Professor Richard Davies, takes a more detailed analysis of the significance Las Vegas played in the development of sports betting into a legitimate industry.

This could be the most acclaimed documentary on the world of betting on sports. Particularly, it concentrates on the growing popularity of betting on sports within Las Vegas and the United States, where sports betting is legal.

Through the use of photos or video footage from archives and face-to-face conversations with those in the frontline of the boom in sports betting, The filmmaker can do a stunning job in revealing the secrets of the industry worth over $100 billion.

Additionally, the documentary explains how Vegas was a key player in the long journey that preceded sports betting popularity. The documentary will provide insights into the exact process by which Las Vegas became the mecca for gamblers throughout America. 

The time has come to place your Bets explores how betting on sports is a part of the society of America. The sport of betting has become an integral part of the gambling world and the foundation of American society. This is one of the best gambling documentaries of all time.

2. Inside: Underground Poker

This 2012 film ‘Inside: Underground Poker’ features characters with a colorful look. We were immediately attracted by intriguing names such as Mikey Tats, Brad The Conductor, and John the Banker.

Producer Jon Bulette dives into New York City’s underground gaming scene and the fascinating effect that gambling illegally can have on players’ lives.

The film examines the life of a man named Brad The Conductor, who’s turned organizing illegal poker games into a profession. He’s always striving to keep an inch ahead of the state and federal authorities that prefer to take him down.

Underground poker has been the player with many problems when trying to stop the games. Bulette does an amazing job of providing insight into the lives of people who participate in New York’s underground poker tournaments and the impact of the games on their lives.

The filmmaker pulled us in by taking a seat and asking pertinent questions. We were able to feel a sense of sympathy for the men. It’s an uncommon look at the impact felt by relatives of those men, and the film was emotionally moving. Are films created? For feeling something.

It is also interesting to watch people organizing these tournaments try to accommodate players’ necessities, like beverages, food, and of course, women. Inside Underground Poker is an intriguing and mysterious look into the world of underground poker. It is one of the best gambling documentaries of all time, must check this.

3. Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker 

Poker online has exploded onto the scene of gambling like nothing we have ever seen. In 2013, the documentary Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker revolved around the origins of online poker with real money and its development and the responses of the officials in the United States.

The director Ryan Firpo launches the film with players from all over the nation and sheds some light on the lasting effects of the decisions taken by federal authorities. The government’s actions led to a shocking amount of people without cash.

In reality, the United States government has clamped down on more than $500 million in cash from players across the world because of these online poker venues. Three of those directly affected by these seizures are featured in the Bet Raise Fold.

Firpo is also a thorough look at how legal issues affect gambling online across the United States — specifically how it is that the DoJ (Department of Justice) continues to enforce its laws against gambling sites that operate online.  This is one of the greatest gambling documentaries of all time.

4. A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker 

A Kid’s Game the Story of Online Poker is a fascinating look at the everyday lives of some of the most talented young poker players around the world. This offers not just an inside look at their lives but also the ways that online gambling has affected their lives.

Many people have issues with casinos that accept real money due to their accessibility to youngsters and particularly youngsters. The documentary contains several interviews with various players who have admitted to playing online poker before the time they were legal to play.

It also demonstrates how these players turned the lessons they learned in their beginnings to create an enviable gambling career. Of course, you’re also exposed to the darker aspect of playing online poker. One of the examples shown is how it is like when one of the young players suddenly loses their cash in a game.


We hope to receive amazing content to use in the future. In the meantime, make the most of your time off and watch one of these gambling documentaries. There’s a good chance you will have time to catch throughout the next few weeks.

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