Strangest Gambling Happening In The World

Since ages, people bet on the probability of events such as games. Every event or game has 2 probabilities either win or loss. And guessing these probabilities on the event, game or players and even the team is quite appealing. The betting can vary widely from sports to elections and there are many ways to flutter. Hence betting on the same is what gambling is all about.  With gambling there comes casinos. There are various types of casinos with different games and service for the players.  However, if online roulette or card games don’t get well with a trick, then here are some of the more strange but interesting things people have bet on in the past.

Strangest Gambling Happening In The World


The entertainment industry is quite an interesting thing to bet on, and if you know the industry well it is also easy to win. Betting on the entertainment industry is like who will be the next cast to play the James bond or what will be the story of any script, it can be anything.  Once in the 1980’s there was a man who placed the bet on a TV series. The man placed a bet that stated two long-running TV shows would continue to be aired until at least 2000. How often does this happen in gambling, but it did which was strange enough. Since his bet meant that all of the predictions needed to become true, he got odds of 6,479 to 1. That’s how a bet which was £30 went to a win of £194,370.


The North Korean leader Kim-John is a subject of lots of betting activities. Players can make plenty of wagers on his activity without any special arrangements for a one-off bet. The players bet on odds of which year he will depart from his office. Some betting markets even center upon how he will be forced from power or whether he will die in office. Players can even bet on whether the North Korean premier will play a round of golf at some point with the US President. This gambling around the North Korean leader Kim-John is quite strange but interesting too because guessing the probabilities which depend upon a personality has a number of possibilities.


When will the world end?

Any prediction or answers to this question sounds vague. This prediction has taken the form of gambling and betting on this subject of world ending which is a strange one but even real. When will the world end, how will the world end players find answers to this and gamble? How strange is it! The players pick a probability of the date that when an asteroid will clash on earth and destroy the whole living being. The only question you might ask yourself is how you will be able to claim your winnings for such a wager!


Earth has become too populated and let’s switch to mars! Can this actually happen for real? Will mars sustain human beings? The climate, the water how much of human mankind can think of life on Mars. There are gamblers who bet on the life of mars. Since the scientist has started to learn more about mars the odds of winning or losing are dropping. The chances of ‘little green men’ which are found are still very far away but you can always place a bet on intelligent life being discovered elsewhere in the universe if you think we are not alone. That’s how strange gambling can be.

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Blog Name: Strangest Gambling Happening In The World

Posted On: 21/03/2019

Author: Jennifer Albee