What Is Stacked Wilds?

In the advent of the ever increasing and rising popularity of online casino gaming in the 21st century, there has been a lot of movement in the industry that has led to an increase in competition as well. Players, gamblers, and professionals seek or are trying to figure out a number of ways to check for games that have the possibility of disbursing more and hence win decent payouts for them in return. ‘Stacked Wilds’ is one such move that slot games offer which may seem intriguing to players. This feature is often presented as a bonus feature in slot games. Some slot games provide it as a standard play as well. However, it is important to note that not all slot game offers this game feature, as well.

What Is Stacked Wilds?

Stacked Wilds and its meaning:

In an ideal slot type game, a stacked wild is essentially offered when at least two or more wild symbols fall on the reels together. ‘Wilds’ are basically symbol representations whose value is variably determined in a play. Meaning, a wild can assume any value of the rest of the symbol representations in the gameplay, that may lead to a winning payout for the player. If two or more wilds appear on the reel, they can assume the highest value of any needed symbol in the payline to complement the round as a win for the player.

Implications of ‘Stacked wilds’ in gameplay:

Upon receiving two or more wilds in the same reel of a round, the wilds can assume the highest value of any symbol that it has substituted. More number of wilds in a gameplay round will eventually mean that more missing symbols can be substituted. This offers a chance of winning a larger payout on behest of the player, in ideal gameplay. They often offer a larger chance of achieving a winning combination by filling in for the rarest symbols availed in the game.

Stacked Wilds in ideal gameplay:

These are represented by wild symbols and are mostly placed next to each other on the same reel. They are contrasted in a gameplay by mostly represented as a long-coloured strip or an abrupt expansion of the standard wilds, once it lands in a gameplay. They can spread to cover the whole reel or might take up multiple rows on the same grid layout, at once. The slot games mostly depict a celebratory move whenever it is achieved in any specific round of the gameplay.

Places that offer ‘Stacked Wilds’ in the gameplay:

While it is important to understand that not all slot type games offer this feature, many games do offer it in order to entice players to try out the game. The probability of earning better and decent payouts, allows players to be attracted towards games that offer this same feature. In most of the cases, this feature is available in the ‘bonus round’. If the bonus round offers stacked wilds, the odds of them appearing in the game usually is boosted so as to ensure that the player keeps some kind of a reward back. This feature is also offered in scattered wins where other symbols might conjure up to represent and substitute for a wild win. It is highly dependent on how the gameplay is deployed and players are advised to consider the rules of the slot game they are trying out, in order to get a better grasp of its meaning and implications.

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