Poker Chips – Find out The amazing Concept and Different Values

If you love to gamble in the game of Poker, you might be well aware of Poker chips. Earlier, since long back in days, this particular game gradually became famous as a stress-reliever among the mine’s workers. The mine’s workers used to play Poker for having some recreation after a whole day of stress. Someday, the values of Poker chips were represented by the junks of gold and other valuable metals, pieces of precious ivory, and so on. Gradually, with time, the shapes and colour of Poker chips have changed a lot. The different colours of chips signify different denominations of Poker chips.

Poker Chips – The Concept and Different Values

Importance of Poker Chips in the Game of Poker

Poker chips play an essential role in the game of Poker to secure real cash during the game. Especially, in the land-based casinos, it has some vital roles to play in order to get the smoothest gaming experience.

Reduce the Hazard of Losing Real Currency

It would be very problematic for the gamblers to sit with huge real cash in the Poker table. Instead, the players use these chips with a different denomination (it can be small or large) for the purpose of betting. It reduces the risk of losing real currency from the Poker table.

Hard to Imitate

The casinos are aware of the fact that the currency can be imitated easily, and it is hard to identify the real currencies. Therefore, they use Poker chips, which are almost impossible to imitate because of some unique security measures like texture, the weight of the material, inbuilt microchips, serial numbers, and so on.

Value Depends on the Colours

Poker chips sets come with several different colour variations for the different denominations. The combination of colour and the amount embossed in chips can vary from country to country, casino to casino, and event to event. There are several sets available for different occasions like sets for home-play, sets for tournaments, sets for regular betting, and so on. 

Although the number varies as they are not constant everywhere in the world. Still, we have tried to provide the most common combination of colour and amount so that it can be beneficial for you to understand the fundamental difference among the Poker chips in terms of amount. Check out the most popular chip colours for a specific amount to seize the game far better.

Colour Value ($)
Brown 5000
Blue (Light) 2000
Burgundy 1000
Purple 500
Pink 250
Black 100
Orange 50
Green 25
Grey 20
Blue 10
Red 5
Yellow 2
White 1

It Can Be Divided By Its Material

Since the last century, many materials have been used to make these chips, and still, the experiment continues. The casinos can opt for any of the available material depending upon their choices and needs. The following four materials are trendy to produce Poker chips throughout the world casinos.

1. Plastic chips

Plastic chips are the cheapest in terms of price, and it is best suited for tiny casinos or home-based poker games.

2. Clay chips

The clay chips have been in use since long back when there were no reasonable alternatives available. But nowadays, with the advancement in casinos, the glory of clay chips became blurred.

3. Ceramic chips

The ceramic chips are the most popular and widely used chips among the casinos because of their durability and comparatively low costing against its quality.

4. Metal chips

The metal chips, especially those that are made with precious metals, are scarce in use because of its high-end costing. These chips are for those gamblers who love to use unique kinds of stuff in private casinos while playing poker.

Casino Chips and the Game of Poker

So, we hope that you got almost every point to accept the fact that why these chips are the essential thing in a Poker table. It is as important as the Poker players as the use of real currencies are not permissible in the game of Poker. Therefore, you need to have at least 200 Poker chips on the table before you are going to start a new game and call for a bet.

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