A Short Guide to Online Slots RTP

Return to Player known as RTP is a common acronym that you may have come across when checking any online slot game. It is represented usually as a percentage. When playing online slots game at casinos, it’ll be wise to know of the ways in which you can ensure the most from your slots and thus understanding what a good RTP means becomes significant too.

A Short Guide to Online Slots RTP

What is Return to Player in online slots?

RTP refers to the rate at which players receive their money back on the amount staked. It is the percentage of total winnings over the total wager placed through your game. The calculation of RTP is based on a long-term of play and does not represent an outcome each time the game is played.

How RTP is calculated?

RTP is a measure of the total number of games played by all players. For instance, if you win £250 from a game session on which you staked £10, the RTP can be calculated at 2500. This indicates that you could be taking other players’ winnings too. Many high RTP slots return less than 100% despite the online slot claiming high winning potential. Thus, precise RTP calculation could be quite a tricky affair as you may only be making a guess based on your bets and winnings at the slots which in reality is an approximation and not the exact figure. It’s impossible to consider the spins other players make when calculating RTP.

Should you aim at online slots with high RTP?

It may appear as though choosing a slot with high RTP and a low house edge would always benefit the player. However, that may not be the case always as sometimes you may need to consider the volatility of the slot too. So what is volatility of a slot and how does it impact the RTP? Volatility or variance of an online slot refers to the risks that a certain slot possesses.

Online slots with low variance usually payout in smaller but amounts frequently while the ones with high volatility payout in larger chunks but in lesser frequency. Thus, slots with jackpots are categorized as one with high volatility. Also, such slots have a higher house edge yet can offer you massive wins. The only thing that you may need to be aware of while playing highly volatile slots is that you could land up spinning for a long time without making any substantial wins.

Online slots games with low volatility on the other hand offer enhanced winning rates and boast of a higher RTP for maximum winning probabilities. Slots with low volatility can payout frequently making them a preferred choice among players who wish to play with a limited bankroll for a longer duration.

When gambling, players must check the RTP as it impacts the theoretical payout size, the house edge and chances of fetching casino bonuses. Online slots game with high RTPs as much as 97% often give out lesser bonuses. Players must consider both the RTP and volatility of the slot prior to playing at online or mobile casinos.

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