Online Casino Glossary You Should Know

The industry of online casinos is a rapidly expanding industry that has attracted an array of gamblers. There are various thrilling games such as Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and many more that are well-suited to entice many players. 

Therefore, the online casino business is certainly showing an ever-growing increase in revenues globally in the past couple of years. Entrepreneurs are taking steps to invest in this lucrative field by choosing an extremely feature-rich online casino software.

 Online Casino Glossary You Should Know

The Scope of Online Casino Industry

  • According to estimates of the world, casinos and online gambling market size amounted to around 227 billion USD by the mid-point of 2022.
  • The revenue from gaming at casinos across the US in 2020 was the highest in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
  • The market value for the casino in 2021 is more than USD 19500 million. It is predicted to rise to USD 29700 million by 2025 with a 4percent CAGR.
  • Comparatively to the offline market for casinos, online casinos offer higher payback percentages, so they are the casino option of today’s gamblers.

Online Casino Glossary

  • Balance: Balance represents the total amount the user can use for bets.
  • Banker: Banker is a term that can be that refers to a dealer or house.
  • Bankroll: The total amount that players have in their accounts for betting is a bankroll.
  • Barred: Barred refers to players with an account or IP address blocked by the online casino. It’s one of the most used casino glossaries.
  • Beard: A player who hides his identity from another player is referred to as a beard.
  • Beef: When it comes to a conflict between the casino and the player, this is beef.
  • Beginner’s Luck: When the player is new and is successful due to the luck factor, it’s called beginner’s luck.
  • Bet Max: When players click the Bet Max button, the maximum amount of coins will be put on bets for all pay lines that are in use.
  • Bet Min:  The Bet Min button will automatically set up to the smallest allowed amount. It’s one of the most used casino glossaries.
  • Betting Limits: The max or minimum amount in which bets can be placed during the game is the betting limit.
  • Blackjack: It is one of the top casino games with numerous variations, including American Blackjack, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and many more. It’s one of the most used casino glossaries.
  • Blind Bet: When gamblers bet before seeing the cards, it’s called the blind bet.
  • Blinds: When players are forced to place bets, they’re referred to as blinds.
  • Bonus: The amount of money offered by casinos online to players who are fulfilling certain conditions. Break-Even Point is when players get the exact amount they bet previously. Breaking the Bank When you get an enormous amount in a casino game is known by the term “breaking the bank.
  • Beitrag: It refers to a variant of Poker, which is played in casinos using three cards.
  • Bug: In Poker Bug, the word “bug” is used to describe the wildcard, which can only be used for straights and flushes. It’s one of the most used casino glossaries.
  • Buy-InGetting casino chips for the exchange for cash is known as buy-in.
  • Cage: A cage is a space where lots of money is kept in casinos.
  • Call: When you accept the current set of bets by the previous players before giving the action to a different player who is in the clockwise direction of them.
  • Camouflage: When players attempt to disguise their hands, style of play, and appearance, it is described as camouflage.
  • Card Counting: It is utilized to count cards in Blackjack. It is the method of counting and storing the cards that were played. It’s one of the most used casino glossaries.
  • Card Sharp: Those who have abilities to play games of cards are known as sharp card players.
  • Croupier: Croupier is a French word used to describe dealers in casinos. It’s one of the most used casino glossary.
  • Deal: The process of dealing cards during games of cards is referred to as a deal. It’s one of the most used casino glossary.
  • Dime: It is a reference to bets that can be placed on both online casinos and in casinos located in a physical location.
  • Dime Bet: $1000 bet Poker is known as an “a dime bet.
  • Double or Nothing: When double the previous bet is put in to break even.
  • Draw: In Online Blackjack games, the term “draw” refers to the act of requesting additional cards.
  • Drop: It is a surrender that allows you to drop the hand and keep half of the initially set stakes.
  • Dealer: The person accountable for handling cards and other transactions during casino games is referred to as a dealer.
  • Degenerate Gambler: The one who bets heavily and frequently is referred to by the term degenerate.
  • Deposit: When funds are added to the casino online accounts of players, this is referred to as a deposit. It’s one of the most used casino glossary.
  • Minimum Bet: Minimum bets are the smallest stakes available at casino games.
  • Multi-Hand Games: Multi-hand games are games where multiple hands may be played.
  • Multiplayer Games: Online games in which players can play against several other real players.
  • Natural: Dealing using the most efficient hand is referred to as natural.
  • Open: The first player to place bets in the Poker game is known as an open.
  • Outside BetOutside bets are employed in the Roulette games. It refers to the many types of bets which are put in within the Roulette game.
  • Overlay: The chances better for the players and not the house are referred to as an overlay.
  • Paint: This word refers to faces cards like King, Queen, and Jack.
  • Pat: It refers to an unbusted hand made up of cards totaling more than 17 points.
  • Payline: It is a reference to the symbol combination that results in an outcome that is. It’s one of the most used casino glossary.
  • Payoff: It is the sum of money received by the gambler following the placing of bets.
  • Paytable: It refers to the menu available on slot machines and video slot machines.
  • Pigeon: An inexperienced and uninformed gambler is known as the Pigeon.
  • VIP: Players who have a high value and are being treated with special privileges are VIP Players.
  • Wager: The bets placed in casinos on land and online are referred to as bets.
  • Wagering Requirements: For giving out a bonus to making a withdrawal or earning a bonus at online casinos, a specific amount of money needs to be wagered. It is known as wagering conditions.


After clearly understanding the essential terms used in the online casino industry, the next element to be considered before beginning to enter the business of online casinos is selecting the right software developer for online casinos.

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