What does On A Rush means?

Casinos are very interesting places. The game changes in every second, any card put can be a game changer, a game maker or a game breaker. The actual thrill of the game is in the uncertainty it carries every moment. While some people lose the game sometime and some win continuously, there are some people who register back to back wins. This is called as winning streak. The person is on a rush and the feeling is incredible. On a rush is a very interesting term coined in casinos. It is said that a person who is playing at casino for the first time, comes with a beginner’s luck and a person on a rush.

What does On A Rush means?

Winning Streak: On a rush

In casino context, ‘on a rush’ is a term which delivers a meaning of being on a winning streak or a run of good luck. A power mind can say they are ‘on a rush’, or that they ‘had a rush’. The rush is also a colloquial term and a feeling a of excitement which comes from gaining a success, or simply from placing a good bet. In casino games, on a rush can refer to as a successive wins, or just a top of the odds in favour of the player.

Real Face of Rush

As players experience natural fluctuations of luck in the gambling world forming the specific patterns along the way. While experiencing a lot of losses over a short period of time, or it might seem that the tables have turned in their favour, each turn is a random as the last in the majority of the gambling games, there is still a belief among many players that is luck which reflects good or bad.

Though the games are random, and so are the results, players often believe that a few good wins are a sign that their luck will come in, and they will adjust their betting strategy and overcome the lost numbers accordingly.

Essentiality of on a rush

In the gambling world, players have the same chance of outcome in any given turn as they did the last one. Gambling games such as roulette, and blackjack mean that the player is expected to witness the win when betting evens, except that a house edge takes a slight cut of the profits available, so the player loses slightly over time if play is tracked in the long term.

However, wins or losses can appear as a ‘runs’ or ‘streaks’, where the player has a lot of successive losses or wins in a short space of time. These can take forward the perception that the player is on a ‘hot streak’, and likely to keep winning- part of the dangerous ‘gamblers’ fallacy which can lead to problem gambling.

Taking a right decision while ‘on a rush’

However, the player can appear to have a good run of luck- often called a rush- and if they know when to quit and protect their wins, the player can go away in profit. Players who keep playing their winnings will lose over time. But, most importantly, knowing when to call it a day can boost a successful gambler’s bank balance. If a player suspects their rush is coming to an end, they will want to cease play, and cash in their chips so they stay being a happy hours at casinos.

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