What is a Multi Line Slot

As is profoundly evident, online slot games come in an ever-widening array of forms and occasionally with themes so obscure that players might need to Google search the meanings! Online slot games also have different bonuses and gameplay mechanics, with some even sporting a progressive jackpot to considerably liven things up.

What is a Multi Line Slot

As online slots and their makers are in a never-ending competition to attract new players and convince the old ones to keep playing like they mean business, they utilize all sorts of strategies. One such strategy that is fast becoming an industry standard is the use of multi-lines in online slots.

As to what exactly these multi-lines are and how they mesh with the overall gameplay mechanics, the answer will be detailed below.

Line Up Wins With A Multi-line Slot!

There’s nothing esoteric about multi-line online slot games. These are simply games with reels that have varied win lines, which lets players bet on many different lines all at once in order to give their winning chances an added boost.

Now, most of the manual slot games on the market employ a trio of reels and one winning line, or possibly a trio of win lines stretched out across the top, bottom and middle part of the reels. Digital slot games on the other hand usually have lots more reels, more expansive playing screens and a positively gargantuan number of profitable win lines.

Multi-lines, Multi-fun!

Players of most online slot games are usually able to minutely adjust the number of lines they intend to make use of during their gameplay activities. These type of slots are known as multi-line slots and let players conveniently enjoy either the conventional single-line play or use as many of the lines they feel a hankering for.

Quite a few multi-line slot games can have up to 100 distinct win lines that are open for business on each spin. Players of these online slot games also normally boost their wager, depending on how many of the lines they intend to play.

Thus, a 3p bet per line will translate to 90p if there are 20 lines in a particular online slot game, with the player intending to use all available win lines. It also bears noting that the wins available on most multi-line online slots are larger than normal, due to the fact that it’s possible to simultaneously land multiple winning combos.

Usually, the probability is higher than normal that multi-line slots will have bonus rounds, stacked icons, wilds and other equally lucrative icons. Wins in the multi-line slot might also result in a free spins bonus or multiplier bonus. Occasionally, a single bunch of icons that match are capable of scoring multiple wins all at once, due to the fact that it went across multiple lines. Icons can also show up on any reel location and win because of the varied supported winning combos that are available.

Now, most online casinos on the market usually support multi-line play, with players able to switch gameplay back to single-line mode anytime they choose. If your favourite slot lacks this feature, it might be time to make a switch and discover what multi-line slots are all about!

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