Most Profitable Casinos: What Does It Take to Top the Charts!

In the early 50s during the casino revolution in the US, a city in the middle of the Nevada desert rose to the occasion. The Las Vegas city as we all know became the world casino capital as flocks of high net worth businessmen set up many luxurious casino resorts in Vegas. 

Most Profitable Casinos: What Does It Take to Top the Charts!

However, since the Chinese industrial revolution, it has taken a 180-degree flip, and a Chinese controlled city has overtaken Vegas as the largest gambling city in the world by volume. The city of Macau has been home to a number of most profitable casinos of the world. Here are brief details about some of them. 

Wynn Macau – The Heart of Macau

Starting this list with a heavyweight from the mecca of gambling, Macau. The former Portuguese colony has multiple renowned casinos, and Wynn Macau is one of them. Wynn started its casino business from Las Vegas, but since then it has spread its business all over the world, and the Macau branch has become the largest of them all. 

During the Q3 of 2019, Wynn Macau has made a profit of nearly $474 million which ranks it among the top ten most profitable casinos in the world. This place has a whopping 273,000 sq ft of gambling area along with outlandish accommodation space and amazing restaurants.

City of Dreams – One of the Most Profitable Casino Resort Chain

Originally started as a casino based in Macau, City of Dreams has become quite a popular holiday destination in Manila also. The Macau-based casino chain started its operation back in 2009, and since then it achieved outstanding numbers in sales. 

This original City of Dreams is an architectural marvel on its own rights. The extravagant appearance and unique design made this casino an instant eye-catcher. People not only of Chinese origin but from all over the world choose it as their holiday destination- no wonder why it earned a staggering $787 million in the third quarter of 2019. 

Marina Sands Bay – The Pride of Singapore

The next entry on our list neither belongs from Macau, nor Las Vegas. This one is located in the top-ranked country in the ease of doing business ranking, Singapore. Marina Sands Bay is one of a kind luxury resort cum casino that houses the world’s largest infinity pool.   

This world-leading casino has almost 2,300 slots and more than 350 tables for table games. Marina Sands bay also hosts multiple entertaining events throughout the year. 

Now coming to the numbers, Marina earned $435 million of profits during Q3 of 2019; thus, its inclusion in our list is quite obvious. 

Grand Lisboa Palace – The Sleeping Giant

Opened in 2008, the Grand Lisboa Palace of Macau is another internationally acclaimed casino. It has over 800 gaming tables and 1000 slot machines in its disposal. The overall hotel has 430 rooms, and luxury suites and its unique architecture have created a stunning view in Macau skyline. 

When it comes to numbers, Grand Lisboa Palace is not far behind its competitors. In the Q3 of 2019, this casino made a gross profit of $378 million which may seem less compared to other Macau supergiants but, this casino has the potential to overcome those high selling casinos because Grand Lisboa is going through a complete renovation process which is expected to finish by 2021. 

Wynn Las Vegas – Highest Earning Casino in the US

We started our list with Wynn and here is another casino in our list that is owned by Wynn enterprise. Las Vegas Wynn has topped the charts for US-based casinos beating famous casinos like MGM and Caesars Palace. Opened its door in 2005, since then this casino had multiple renovations to keep the standards high. 

Wynn Las Vegas has earned around $400 million in Q3 of 2019. This number is not as high as its Macau based counterpart, but this is still the highest amount of profit among all US-based casinos.

The Galaxy Macau – The Most Profitable Casino of 2019

We’re ending our list with the top dog. The Galaxy Macau is a world-class resort complex that has around 2200 individual rooms, suites and exotic villas. Along with these, a 5000 square meter gigantic infinity pool and 120 top-level restaurants also increases the attractiveness of this place. 

The profit numbers are also as staggering as its real estate numbers. The 1500+ slots and 650 tables generate a profit that no other casino is able to close it. The Galaxy Macau has posted a gargantuan number of $1.4 billion profit in Q3 of 2019 alone. 


So presently these are the top 6 most profitable casinos in the world. This list may change soon as more casinos are coming with bulk-loads of cash. 

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