Choosing Between Live Poker & Video Poker

Poker fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing online. Poker has become so popular nowadays and offers a multitude of options to its players whether you are a pro who wishes to chase big wins in Poker tournaments or just a casual player improving your gaming skills. 

Choosing Between Live Poker & Video Poker

However, the most common issue faced by any Poker player is the dilemma to choose between Video Poker or RNG Poker and Live Poker. Both the games follow the same rules, but the experience differs to a great extent, which is why some players prefer one variant more than the  other. 

This article will tell you the difference between live Poker and video Poker and guide you in choosing the one that will impart the type of experience you aim to have. 

Advantages of Live Poker 

The main advantage of live dealer Poker is that it includes a more social element. Therefore, whether you are playing Online Blackjack or Sic Bo, you can conveniently start a conversation with another player. So you can enjoy a real-time, casino experience in the comfort of your home. 

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, online Poker is expected to go through a radical change in the near future. However, you cannot replace the thrill and enjoyment offered while playing with a real person. 

Secondly, Live Deal Poker offers variety and has led the Poker space for a long time. Initially, only a few common variants of this game were available such as Carribean Stud and Texas Hold’Em for the players. Currently, there have been a lot of innovations in online gambling with the introduction of new games like 3-Card Poker and Hi-Lo. 

Also, Live Poker players have the liberty to play more hands when compared to online Poker. At times waiting for good hands can become quite boring for live casino players and therefore they try to see as many flops they can in order to hit. While doing this, they usually pay huge raises especially while smaller blind levels. 

Advantages of Video Poker 

Video Poker is one of the most initial online casino games that were ever introduced. With the release of better and advanced technologies it has evolved a lot while maintaining its popularity in the online gaming world. 

  1. The main advantage that comes with video Poker is that it is highly convenient and offers a huge amount of control too. It offers new players the chance to play in free mode which is quite invaluable. You don’t have to wait for the entire table to get full in order to begin playing video Poker. Not just this, it doesn’t require you to have a free seat while busy periods are going on. 
  2. Unlike Live Poker, Video Poker doesn’t provide that personal touch and social element to its players. However, this type of Poker suits those people who are more interested in learning the rules while bettering their techniques more than being socially interactive while playing. 
  3. We must also not forget the technical aspects of online Poker. Video Poker doesn’t require much computer resources whereas live dealer Poker depends on a live streaming connection along with a few display specifications.  Though both these can be played on a mobile phone, there are possibilities of the player issues like poor connection while playing a live dealer Poker. 
  4. Playing video Poker is much more convenient as you can fire up tables as you wish which is not possible with a live tournament. 
  5. Online players can access a variety of strategy tools as well as HUDs which are useful in making decisions. It also provides access to relevant Poker statistics about other players. 

Also, playing live dealer Poker can be more expensive as the game provider is required to pay for a video setup along with the wages of its live dealers. 

On the other hand, live Poker is much slower especially for the players who play online. Online players are in the habit of playing different tables at one particular time while seeing more than 50 hands per hour at each table. So in live Poker, the player is limited to a single table and about 20-30 hands per hour. 

Therefore, it can create boredom and an ideal way to tackle this is to focus on whatever’s happening on the table even if the player is not participating in a hand. The player must also take notes and observe the style of other players. 


Both the games have their advantages and disadvantages and can suit different players in several ways. As someone who is a beginner, this article guides well and helps making a decision while choosing between Live Poker and Video Poker. 

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Blog Name: Choosing Between Live Poker & Video Poker

Posted On: 24/03/2021

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