Know About the Oldest Casino in the World- Let’s Time travel!

The casinos have been around us for quite some time or maybe you can say, since long back. It is an integral part of the revenue system for the countries. The gambling industry has evolved rapidly and has formed its roots quite steadily in society. Now you may have the question, which is considered as the oldest casino in the world? 

Know About the Oldest Casino in the World- Let’s Time travel!

Indeed, it is an interesting question, and most of the casino players may be keen on asking the same. In this context, we have selected and discussed some of the oldest casinos around the world. Let’s check them out!

Casinò di Venezia

This casino can be traced back to the year 1638. It is located along the canals of Venice. It is an exquisite classical Venetian architecture. As per the historical records, the building was actually built in the year 1509 for residential purposes and almost a century later, it turned into a casino. This casino has not been much changed since an early age.

The architecture provides a classical representation with chandeliers and sculptures. It creates a historic atmosphere inside the casino building and makes us feel the charm of the oldest casino of Venetian culture. This casino has over 600 slot machines on the floor, providing the best experience to the players since long. 

Casino Wiesbaden

This is regarded as the oldest casino in Germany and is a contender for being the oldest gambling setting in the world. It was originally built in the year 1810 by the Roman Empire. The interior decoration of this casino gives a vintage look, which is quite appealing to the eyes of its players or visitors. A classy ambience with statues from Greek mythology, the mosaic artwork, and the chandeliers create a historical atmosphere. This casino is one of its kind and cannot be found likewise in any part of the world.

This oldest casino is quite famous for having 180 slot machines, where players can completely indulge themselves in playing some classic casino games at the table, like, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and so on.

The appeal of the casino is quite magnificent even after 200 years. Its timeless design and maintenance make it one of its kind and this is one of the oldest casinos that is attracting visitors and players all over the world.

Crockford’s Club

Only the official members are allowed to this oldest casino which was opened in the year 1828. This was regarded as a gentlemen’s club back in the old days. Now, however, it has been involved in gambling and has taken the name of Crockford’s Club in London.

Meanwhile, being a member of this casino club gives an elite reputation to its members. It is also famous for the richest and most illustrious individuals in British society who get themselves enrolled in this club. The members get together to socialise and gamble for fun at the same time. Meanwhile, even big political decisions were taken under the roofs of this club.

Casino de Monte Carlo

This is also one of the oldest casinos which were established and constructed in the year 1856, wherein the greatest and wealthy gamblers of Europe are a part of it. However, this casino is one of the first gambling places which has expanded later to a few concert halls, cafes, restaurants, and a theatre as well.


There are a number of casinos that claim to have existed from the earliest times in the history of the gambling world, but Casino di Venezia is perhaps the oldest casino among the others. Other casinos may have been built earlier than this casino, but later they got diversified into other entertainment sectors like concert halls or theatres. Casino di Venezia is one of its kind and the only casino to be fully dedicated to the gambling industry since its time of very first existence.

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