Hunches and Superstitions – The Predicted Outcome

In a casino where the whole world of the gamblers revolve around betting and luck, listening to the inner voice that pre-intimates you about the win or loss is very important. And this intimate feeling about the game that a player gets is called hunches and superstitions.  It is an unexplained feeling for any player about winning, losing or an unexpected outcome. The hunches and superstitions are nothing but predictions. When these predictions become, true no one can explain them reasonably since they are just predictions based on your inner feelings.


Now you might wonder where this hunches and superstitions are usually used. These terms are frequently used in the game of video poker. In the game of video poker there many superstitions like random number generator, change of game are equal to change of luck and many more. The odds about these actions happening are very less, but players believe in them. The hunches and superstitions in the game of video poker might be risky only if the player chooses to play a hand without the optimum average payback. And considering these paybacks should be taken by players like a pinch of salt. These actions of the players will give the casino more money. So the players should be well aware before playing the hunch or superstition.

The mere hunch and superstition that every player does are hitting the “Play One Credit” button number of times because it is opposed to select “Play Maximum Credits.” This superstition won’t harm anyone surely.  But if they select the former button instead of latter, it comes hand in hand with it. There is, but apparently, no such indication which will suggest that this particular case is the one since video poker has its cards frequently and hobbled continuously by an electronic machine which is meant to be just for that one purpose.

Another hunch that victims some players is the one belief that if they switch video poker or other machines after a certain number of losses on one machine, they may be luckier on the next one. On the other hand, they may think that their next game will be a positive one, and face the risk of getting stuck in a loop of always thinking the next game will be their one which will possibly disappoint them.

The hunches and superstitions can certainly add something to your gambling experience. It can make it right, wrong or just okay. The various superstitions in the casino are

Slot Machine Superstitions: Slot machines are very unpredictable, there are so many superstitions related to slot machines that people believe. There are way too many myths about the slot machines which creates the superstitions.

Standing Up While Playing: In casinos, they offer you the seats in front of every slot machine for the reason that they want players to sit down and feel comfortable so that they can play for a long time. The uneven payouts make the belief that once the players get comfortable, the slot machines are less likely to pay.

Craps Superstitions: When it comes to superstitions in casinos, Craps tops the list. It includes as you should never say number 7 at the table, or the more ‘wrong’ leads to ‘7’ etc.

Mini Baccarat Superstitions:  The game of baccarat is the most popular game in Macau and other Asian casino destinations around the world.  And superstitions in this game which the players follow are one of the reasons for this game’s popularity.

And there are many more such superstitions we can list because gambling and casinos are all wandering around the work of possibilities where every player is willing to, and that is what hunches and superstations mean.

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Blog Name: Hunches and Superstitions – The Predicted Outcome

Posted On: 04/02/2019

Author: Jennifer Albee