How to prepare for your first real poker tournament

We are not suggesting that online poker tourneys are fake, and this is because we are talking about real poker tournaments in person.

It’s a completely different experience than online gambling, and it is evident in a matter of seconds. It can be both thrilling and frightening to prepare for your first poker tournament. No matter how confident or inept you may be with your game, this is a new experience.

The comfort of hiding behind a screen suddenly vanishes. Your opponents are now face-to-face with you, and they are watching every move. There is no software automation to stop you from making mistakes.

This can cause new poker tournament participants to be anxious. This is a problem when you don’t want to be distracted by the action. You can do many things (and should) to prepare yourself for business. Although nerves are natural and expected, taking proactive steps to prepare for business could be a good idea.

1. Make sure you can play the entire tournament

Let’s begin with the easiest to grasp and then implement it. When you plan to play in a poker tournament, this idea must always be at the forefront of your mind. Imagine yourself in the chip leader, with two days left. However, you either have a meeting scheduled or have already booked a flight home.

2. Important things in “real life” must be in order

This is a must-do before you enter any poker tournaments or play any other form of poker. Focus and concentration are key to spotting mistakes and leaks made by other players and exploiting them. It would be best if you met deadlines. You can take your spouse shopping with you if that is what you feel like doing.

You won’t have the ability to focus for longer than 5 minutes if you are distracted by something. Every unwanted event will allow tilt to sneak in, and you become a sucker. Talk to your friend, mother, father, or boss to get rid of all unnecessary baggage.

3. Make sure the poker tournament you’re about to enter is within your financial capabilities

Scared money is no money. This one is probably familiar to you, so make sure you write it down. Many talented players have never made it because they didn’t know the basics of managing a bankroll.

You should never play in poker tournaments that have a major impact on your bankroll or overall life, and it is irresponsible and will lead to a disastrous end. We can now move on to more detailed preparation, having removed the basic information.

4. Be Healthy

Eating healthy has many benefits. It all boils down to your ability to focus for longer periods in poker than your opponents. It is true. Eating too much or not enough can cause you to lose your concentration. You may feel tired if you eat a heavy meal. Too many calories can distract from hunger and low energy levels. Make smart food choices before you enter the poker tournament.

5. Rest well

As with eating unhealthy foods, irregular sleeping patterns can affect your ability to focus and stay awake. This is the problem that nearly every professional poker player who plays poker tournaments for a living has, and it all boils down to the smallest details.

Your chances of making mistakes will be lower if you’re fresher than your opponents at the final tables. If you want to succeed, especially in those short-lived live tournaments, it is important to avoid parties and other distractions beforehand so that you can be rested and ready to play. It will pay off in the long term if you get enough sleep on the poker days that you don’t play.

Poker tournament players are especially susceptible to sleep deprivation because major tournaments are played at night. So, try to enjoy the times when you can get to bed at reasonable hours.

6. There is no alcohol or drugs allowed before or during the tournament

Focusing as much as possible is key. This is something that we all agree upon. Alcohol and other drugs will not help with this. You can have a beer with a friend or take tequila shots at a home game.

This will ensure that everyone is having fun. It’s not a good idea to be the only person at the table taking the game seriously. You should bring water to tournaments. Don’t drink and drive if you don’t focus, be alert, and make mistakes.

7. The Strategy

Think about your previous tournament play. Consider the places you’ve been to, the mistakes you made, and the spots where you played well. It would be best if you planned how you will play this casino game.

This will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future and ensure you are in the right place when you get the chance. You will find that parts of your strategy may change depending on the table draw and who you are seated with. However, you can still create a general plan and stick to this as much as possible.

8. Exercise

It is important to stay in good physical and mental condition. You need to exercise to improve your physical endurance or maintain it. If you’re not in good physical condition, playing for five consecutive days can be difficult.

Avoid being in the worst condition. As we have already mentioned, it all boils down to who can concentrate for longer periods. The best player will make the fewest mistakes if he is healthy, has slept well, ate well and is well hydrated. Don’t be lazy. Go for a run.


Making connections with others with similar interests is the best way to improve your poker skills. You can discuss hands and exchange advice, and it will be easier to find new poker friends if you are approachable, neat, and friendly.

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