What Are Hot Slots and Cold Slots?

Casinos are extremely unpredictable places. You never know what your luck would do to you at a casino. While you are playing the slot machine, there can be times that you win or lose it is assumed that it is based on the luck of the player, but the people who go to casinos regularly say otherwise. They claim that in a casino, there is a trick to everything, even the slot machine. The people who are masters of gambling can identify if the slot machine would yield good returns or not.

The theory is that no machine would always be yielding rewards more than what is put into the machine and also that no machine would remain inactive and always underplay.

What Are Hot Slots and Cold Slots?

What are hot and cold slots?

The professionals use the term hot slots and cold slots to define and identify the slot machine which would payout more money than actually invested. The terms hot and cold can be defined as:

  • Hot Slots: The hot slots are considered to be the slots which have a higher frequency of winning. It is anticipated that the hot slots would fetch the player more rewards than what is invested.
  • Cold Slots: Cold slots are considered to be inactive machines. It is said that the machines which are showing less frequency of winning and would never reward the player with more than what is invested.

Why are the slots so?

The slot machines are a way to attract gamers and to compel them to try their luck and take a risk. Slots are a way for the player to invest a small amount and earn something exciting. As everything happens in front of the player’s eyes, the slots are much more fun.

How are slot machines made hot or cold?

The concept of hot and cold slots is a derivation from the experience of the player. A regular player could be able to identify the counts, the number of spins, the time for processing, and the machine’s behaviour and may be able to predict if the machine would pay out a good amount or not. But the truth is, the spins of the slot machine are very random. There can be times that the slots produce the same result over a number of times and that may appear to be a pattern, but the truth is that the slot machines are not at all made with the intention of having hot or cold cycles. Some players might be able to analyse the slots, their working and the times they have yielded good payouts, but for the slots to always be predicted is not true. Also on being asked whether to go in for a hot slot or a cold slot machine, the players have different views. Some suggest that investing in hot slots is beneficial as they are in their payout cycles while some suggest that the cold slots would yield better results as they would now begin their payout cycles. Both these concepts are extremely subjective and are not always valid.

The spinning of the slot machine or the cycle in which it is operating is uncontrolled. However, it is also important to address that the slots are programmed machines and they also cannot yield more than what they are programmed for. The slot machines are not programmed to keep the memory and every spin in independent of the previous spin. It simply means that:

The slots are sure programmed to produce random results, and that cannot be changed or completely predicted, but the fact is that the slots are programmed to payout a certain amount in their lifetime.

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