History of Mobile Slot Games

Mobile slots might be all over, but their history spans a short time. Mechanical slots came in around 1891 and you needed a fairly strong arm to pull the lever. That was until the slot machines incorporated some electronics in the 1960s and they weren’t as random as they are today.

History of Mobile Slot Games

That changed when the Random Number Generator was invented in 1984. That has all changed with the evolution of technology and all you have today in this era is pull out your mobile to enjoy a slot game.

The Rise of Online Casinos and Mobile Slots

Mobiles with games can be traced way back in 1997 when Nokia introduced it’s phone with games that came with the Snakes game. However, players had to wait for 2005 to play the first mobile slot game. Pub Fruity was the first Java casino game.

The game featured 3 reels and 3 rows. Also included were mini-games like the jackpots and so, mini-games or features started out way back.

Texas Hold’em

Things were not about to cool down in 2005. This was after Downtown Texas Hold’em was released. The game ended up being successful thanks to the poker craze that was going around at that time.

This game offered players a chance to collect chips, play more rewarding tournaments as well as open up new spots. With all the craze, players were still unable to win real cash.

The Introduction of Smartphone Gaming

When Apple released their phone in 2007, people were abuzz with the technology in the device. It was to be followed by the App Store the following year that revolutionized how consumers and producers of the slots interact.

The App Store allowed creators direct market access to their customers and in retaliation, Android phones hit the market with their own version of App Store called Android Market at the time, now Google Play.

With this, customers could download mobile slots directly to their smartphones. For the first time, players were able to make a deposit to the slots.

Mobile Casinos

Since mobile penetration was high, it unlocked numerous markets and so, most casinos decided to ditch slots for computers and focused on the mobile phones. Also, with the advancements in technology, smartphones have become better which in turn means better gaming.

Today, there are more mobile slot players than the traditional land-based casinos. There are also mobile versions of the most complex online casino games.

Future Possibilities of Mobile Slots

There are various possible openings that mobile slots could explore. One is the smartwatches like the Samsung Gear and Apple Watch. This device is portable and even better is that it has internet connectivity. The Android watch has drawn first blood and already has various online slots available.

Virtual Reality is another space that would appeal to an even bigger audience due to the highly engaging aspect of this technology. Mobile slots could dive into this technology when the time comes.

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