High Slot Variance: A Brief Overview

Before we start speaking about the nitty-gritty of high slot variance, first let’s shed some light upon what the term variance actually means. In simple terms, variance refers to whether the slot game machine is created to deliver frequent small wins or whether it is set up for long losing streaks with only two to three big jackpots. 

High Slot Variance: A Brief Overview

Slot game enthusiasts will know that there are basically three types of slot variance – low, medium, and high. The slots that generate innumerable small wins are known as low variance slots, whereas, the ones that generate fewer wins but bigger ones are known as high variance slots.

Generally, players focused on grabbing big jackpots prefer high roller variance as it produces outstanding wins, which are sometimes 1000x more than the amount staked.

So What Exactly Is a High Slot Variance?

An ideal example of high slot variance would be a classic slot that does not come with bonus features. While these single pay slots are known to decrease chances of winning, when you do bag a win, they are general sizable amounts. So it will definitely be worth the wait.

However, in case you are a newbie player, aspiring to play a high slot variance, let us also warn you about the potential risks of this type. Though these slots are known for providing large winnings, the chances of wins don’t come that often, adding to your frustration. 

This is why it becomes absolutely essential to budget carefully in these games as these low bet slots are pretty unpredictable. The RTP in these games generally only grows in the long term – which means it is very hard to anticipate what the final balance of the session will be considering the volatility of a high variance game.

Closing Thoughts

To make the most of the volatile slots, firstly, you will need to ride out the dry spells for which you will need a larger bankroll and most importantly, a lot of patience. But you must refrain from betting more money than you can afford on such a slot as once you lose, all strategies will go out the window. Experienced slot players, however, realize that the only way to beat the RTP and run on a profit is to achieve a major win on a high variance game – and often the grand prizes can be really life-changing.

To determine whether it is a high variance slot or not, you can try checking out its paytable. The first indicator of a high variance slot will be a lesser number of winning symbols. Additionally, the price each symbol pays out will be much greater than what you find on other slots. Also, in these slots bonus options such as wild and scatter symbols, free spins are also pretty limited.

How to Spot a High Variance Slot?

Though casinos do not openly state whether a slot is a high or low variance one, you can lookout for a few of these things to determine slot variance on your own.

Firstly, reviewing the paytable is the easiest way to evaluate a slot’s variation. If you search the paytable, you can look at the variations of pay levels with 3, 4 and 5 symbols. In case those sums are very minimal for the larger paying symbols, then you can rest assured that the slot isn’t a high variance one, but instead a low variance. But, if you observe the numbers to be higher, then chances are it is a high slot variance.

Another way to better identify a slot’s variance is by going through the game requirements of the app maker. Though this information is rarely available, if it’s there, it can show the variation of the game. 

Finally, you can opt for a trial run to ensure whether the slot you are playing is low, mid or a high variance one. When wins are regular but limited, chances are you are not playing a high variance slot but a low variance one instead. However, if the wins are relatively frequent and good in size, then it might be a mid variance.

As a rule of thumb, it can be said that high slot variance can be identified by these three basic patterns:

  • It generates high value wins on symbol combinations
  • Produces more number of wins on symbol combinations of 3, 4 and 5 
  • Produces less amount of wins but each win is practically a massive jackpot


Despite the risk, pro players prefer playing high variance slots as it brings in greater potential reward and increases the chances of securing a big jackpot to a great extent. But for that, you will need a significant amount of account balance as triggering higher wins take a lot of time and innumerable trials.

Therefore, in the end, it ultimately boils down to the amount of risk one is willing to take. However, if you’re still uncertain of which slot variance will pay off the best, you can always begin with playing any random one to get a better feel of the slot and understand its gameplay.

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