New To Online Casino, Then You Must Know All About Free Spins Bonuses

A free spins bonus is provided mainly to attract newcomers to the world of online casinos. Free spin bonuses hold a good amount of importance in online casinos. It’s mainly used for promoting online casinos and signing up in their portals. However, a deep understanding is required in terms of free spins bonuses before you dive into the world of online gambling.

New To Online Casino, Then You Must Know All About Free Spins Bonuses

What is a free spin bonus?

There are mainly two types of bonuses provided by online casinos.

  1.  No deposit free spins bonus
  2. The in-game free spin bonus, also known as deposit free spins bonus.

No deposit free spin bonus

In case of no deposit free spins bonus, you don’t have to pay a single penny to the casino, but it will be given to you as an introductory bonus to start with your online casino. A chance to spin the reels on a casino slot for free will be given to you. And whatever amount you win in the free hit will be added to the total balance.

However, there is a wagering requirement in most of the online casinos, that is before you withdraw all your winnings, you have to spin the reel a certain number of times.

Usually, in a progressive jackpot type slot machine, this kind of free spins won’t be available as there is a mandatory progressive fee contribution required in this type of slot, which makes the slot spins expensive.

In-game free spin bonus or deposit free spin bonus

Usually in-game free spins bonuses are won as a prize of the ongoing game. There must be some criteria fixed by the casino to win this free spin bonus. It’s not always that there will be a free spin bonus that will be given as a prize, but there can be some other modes of prizes also like multipliers, special wilds, or some other perks.

Apart from the above two types of free spins, some casinos also offer play money free spins, which is a kind of demo gambling (without even signing up). Here you will be given some free spins as a visitor to the casino site. A newcomer can find their feet with this play money free spins. And for experienced players, it can work as a tool to check their strategy and how the bonus system works in that particular casino.

Is it possible to win real money through free spins bonus?

There shouldn’t be any doubt about this. It’s always possible to earn some real cash while playing free spins bonuses. However, there can be a fixed cap on the amount (which is applicable in most of the online casinos) in case of no deposit free spins. In-game free spins bonus usually doesn’t have this mentioned cap.

Playing from your mobile? Don’t worry

As with the time technology is evolving and there are many mobile users out there are also getting into the online casino, so online casinos are also trying to keep all the offers and regulations same for the mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets. If any bonus is given in a particular slot, it definitely will be available to the mobile users as well.

Want some more free spins bonuses?

It’s mostly possible to earn some more free spins while you are in the game or while the casino is launching a new game they might offer a certain amount of free spins bonuses and some more to its VIP players.

What are the wagering requirements for free spins bonus?

The trick comes here while we will be discussing the wagering requirements for the free spins bonus. We have already mentioned in the earlier part that before you want to withdraw your money won from the free spins, most of the casinos out there put a condition of the wagering requirement.

Now, what is the exact wagering requirement? It depends from one casino to the other. But mostly it’s the certain times of the amount of money that has been won from the free spins that have to be earned through the whole slot before you exit with your money. It has been levied mainly to protect the interest of the casinos.

For example, you have earned $30 in your free spins, and the wagering requirement is the x10 the amount won from that. So you have to keep on playing those $30 until you have won $300 through spinning the reel. Some casinos may provide you with some specified time to reach this wagering amount; otherwise, you have to lose the money.

Generally, casinos offer this waging requirement from 0 to x50. It’s always better for a newcomer or for anyone to go for the lower one, or else it may happen that despite winning any amount it will cost you something before you reach the wagering amount.

Helpful tips

To end with some tips for new gamblers out there it’s always better to start with the demo versions of the casinos available on various platforms, and then while entering into the real-life gambling go for the casinos which offer no deposit free spins for the new players.

In many situations, casinos also offer no wagering requirements, which allows you to withdraw all the money won from the free spins. And that can give you a wonderful experience as a novice in online gambling.

Good luck there!

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