Everything You Need to Know About the Fast Double Betting System

Owing to its flexibility and easy gameplay, Roulette is one of the best casino games to play online. While winning in Roulette is largely based on the element of luck, there are some tips and strategies that can help players in improving their overall winning chances.

The fast-double betting system is a Roulette strategy that players can use when playing the game in an online or mobile casino. Continue reading to know how the fast-double bet strategy works and how you can use it effectively in online Roulette games.

Basics of fast double betting system

If you’ve been playing Roulette for a while, you can easily guess that the fast-double betting system is a good example of a parlay bet. For players who don’t know, the parlay bet is basically a type of wager where players use their winnings from the previous betting round to wager on the upcoming spin.

With lady luck by their side, players can win compounded amounts using the fast double-betting system. Also, it’s very flexible in nature and can easily be applied in any type of Roulette game. What’s more, the strategy can also be used in small games where players want to make up to 20 units of profit.

How does the fast-double betting system works?

As with the other betting systems for casino games like Poker and online Blackjack, it’s quite easy to understand the working of the fast-double betting system. When using this strategy, you need to place three bets with even chances of winning. Note that you need to wager different amounts on all the three bets.

As mentioned earlier, the fast-double betting system only applies to even money bets in online Roulette. So, the payout here will be 1:1.

Here’s a look at an example to make the concept more concrete:

Let’s say a player wagers 1 unit on his first Roulette spin. If he manages to win, he gains one unit in that spinning round.

Then for the second betting round, the player takes two units that he won from the first spinning round (remember it includes the initial one unit bet and the won one unit). Along with the two units, he wagers an additional unit for a total of three betting units in this round. That way, he will gain six units here if he manages to win.

Now for the third round, the player takes the six units that he won from the second round and adds one more unit to make the final betting amount to 7 units. As you’d guess, he will gain 14 units if he wins this round.

With the conclusion of the third spinning round, the player goes back to one betting unit and repeats the process all over again. With lady luck by your side, this betting system allows you to win 3 units by wagering just 3 units of your own money.

The fast double bet Roulette strategy is an example of a positive progressive Roulette betting system and can be applied to three even money wagers: High/Low, Odd/Even, and Red/Black. Also, no matter at what stage you lose when using this system, you need to go back to one betting unit again.

What to do when experiencing long losing streaks?

Whether you’re playing Roulette in a brick-and-mortar venue or at a live casino, there’s nothing that can ensure guaranteed wins in the game. This means you may experience a losing streak when using the fast-double Roulette betting system.

While one or two losing bets won’t drastically reduce your bankroll, you need to be careful when things seem to be getting out of hand.

If you’ve already lost more than 20 units, you must make some tweaks to your fast-double betting system. Here, you must use the following betting pattern:

  • First betting round – 2 unit wager
  • Second betting round – 6 unit wager
  • Third betting round – 14 unit wager

As you can see, the betting units have basically been doubled in this case. Again, if the losing streak happens to continue for 20 rounds, then players can double the wager size for all the betting rounds. That way, the wager for their first spinning round will be 4 units.

So, this was everything you needed to know about the fast double-betting system. While the strategy is great for winning compounded amounts, it may also quickly consume your bankroll if you get on a very long losing streak. As such, make sure you manage your money properly when using this betting system.

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