Eventual Evolution of Slots Machines

The very first slot machines in the gambling process were designed and set in use in the year 1895, and it was programmed by a Mechanical Engineer Fey from San Francisco. It was organized with three different spinning wheels offering playing cards of different shapes. Along with the basic provisions, Casino Jackpots were also offered in that Slot Machine if the player plays up to the mark reaching the targets. The machine was very advanced and new at that time, and it was a huge success among the people who brought a complete change in the gambling world. 


Arousing Change in the Early 1900s

In the early 1900s, a ban was imposed on these slots machines in the United States of America due to some reasons. So to make it in use, it was designed to have some other symbols in the playing cards. Say, for example, if the player gathers three pictures of the same fruit or chocolate or something else, he will be rewarded with the fruit instead of offering money. So players were still interested in winning the game, and the thrill continued to rise among the players. After a few years, another slot machine was set in use called Operator Bell which offered knockout features. In those machines, symbols of fruits like lemon, cherries and plums were used, so it was called Fruit Machines. 

The Eruption of Slots Machines in the Late 1900s:

  • In 1964, the very first electronic slots machines were designed by Bally Technologies with advanced features like sound effects and lighting effects inherited in them. 
  • The slots machines were called Money Honey. As years passed several advancements were introduced, and modernized versions were created, and those attracted a large number of people towards it. 
  • The upgraded version was recreated by Walt Fraley with virtual reels and a display screen which is completely the base of today’s Rainbow casinos. 
  • Video gaming and other popular versions were introduced in the late 1990s that were the ultimate choice of even children at that time. Mobile Slots versions are then brought to light.

The Makeover of slots machines in the 2000s

Online Casinos are always put in use for gamblers, and it became an inevitable part of the games, and the thirst for the game continued to be the same even after decades. In modern casinos, the idea of gaming and procedure is taught to the players, and for their comfort, several bonuses and jackpots are offered. Players can have the mobile versions downloaded, and they can enjoy the game from home. Even after several enhancements, still, the first Slot Machine is placed in a restaurant in the USA for the viewers. You cannot deny the fact that it served as the base for modern trending nowadays.

Rise of modern online slots

  1. The internet and its usage have become high and most wanted in the early 2000s, and it helped in the development of modern online slots machines. 
  2. In the initial stage, only classical games like Online Blackjack, Online Roulette was offered. 
  3. After a few years, more interesting and traditional games are introduced with a wide range of choices for the players. 
  4. In the modern Online Casino players have the choice of picking their games and favourites? 
  5. Spinning reels and the symbols of Modern slot machines are the same as the previous versions with added advantages. 
  6. As we have several advancements in the Information Technology field, several attractive themes and scintillating layouts are made using computer programming technologies that made it even more attractive than usual. 
  7. After successive years of trending the developers have become huge and innovative features are brought in to use.

Usage of symbols over the stages

It is always seen with playing cards, and the symbols in the machines keep on changing due to the prevailing scenarios, and the changeover is tremendous. Varieties of symbols used in the Slots Machines are listed and described below.

  1. Symbols in the very first slot machine – At the start of the 1800s, the first machine was designed, and the playing cards were seen with symbols like heart, spade, and diamond. In addition to that, symbols like a horseshoe and liberty bell were used. The usage of casinos was limited at that time, and it did not catch a large group of people.
  2. Symbols in the succeeding slot machine – After a few years of usage, the first slot machine ban was imposed due to the usage of symbols. To overcome, the playing cards were designed with attractive symbols of fruits, likely cherries, melon, orange, and apple. Because of the usage of fruit symbols, children were attracted to it, and it brought out the attention of a large class of people.
  3. Symbols of slot machines in the late 1990s – In the late 1990s, computer graphics are made to bring in inspiring symbols like a crown, clover, gem, star, and other numberings. The Internet was not that much familiar at that time, and the introduction of symbols was limited, and it was a time taking process then.
  4. Symbols in modern slots machines – It is available with online facilities, and you can have all forms of signs and symbols nowadays, and it can be customized and changed within a fraction of a second. But most commonly used symbols are jack, wild, and scatter. You can have other symbols used too.

Origin and growth of slot machines are tremendous, and new heights are attained with the available customizations, and online jackpots are available to grab the attention of the players. In the trending slots machines, payouts are instant for the players, and it assures a certain sure amount to the players from the betting money. You can have fancy games and win in modern online casinos.

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