Crazy Land-Based Casino Secrets You Never Knew

The casino might appear to be a very fair and square place where everything happens in front of your eyes. You can see what you win and what you lose, but that’s not true. The casino is a very crazy place. There are many secrets hidden in a Casino. Behind every game and every table, there is some hidden truth or a mystery. Some regular casino goers have been a testimony to some secrets while some secrets are just obvious to the observers and some extremely bizarre. Here are some of the top secrets and mysteries that have surfaced over the years:

Crazy Land-Based Casino Secrets You Never Knew

  • All the slot machines are in resonance: Although there are many slot machines in the casino that are being played at the same time, the noise of one slot machine does not annoy the other slot machine. It is one of the casino secrets that makes it possible to play all slot machines together without annoying the other player. This is because all the music in all the slot machines is written in the same music script that is major C. This is why the notes do not clash and the machines are in resonance. It is so that the players keep playing for long hours.
  • One of the Casino secrets is that the Casinos always have faster dealers at night. The dealers are trained to close more tables at night and to push more bets at night. It is because Casinos usually have a peak time at night and if they close more tables, more bets are raised. The same dealer however when dealing in the afternoon goes slow on the dealing and entertains the players at the table to keep the game going for a longer time and keeping people engaged.
  • Dealers are not only trained to alter their pace of dealing but also for many other things. The dealers are also trained to identify the chips just at a glance. Some people may think that they can counterfeit the coins and cheat the casino very easily. On the contrary, it is very difficult. The casino chips may appear to just be a chip to the outsiders but actually, the chips are customised and very easily identifiable by the dealers. Some chips are like crayons for the dealers. Meaning that the dealers can use these chips to draw or write too. Chocking isn’t it?
  • Casinos are a place to enjoy and also make some money. But how much money you are making is monitored by the casino. If you make more than $15,000, you are observed closely by the casino. In fact, it is a casino secret that they have employees to keep a track of which player is winning how much.  
  • Casinos earn out of the player’s convenience: Players think they are being treated well when the casinos provide services like a chip runner, instant and easy cashout and other services. Well, all of this is to keep the players involved in the game. The sole purpose of having a chip runner is to compel players to spend more and bet more.
  • Casinos hate to ban smoking: Banning smoking in a casino is as heartbreaking for the casino as to the player. Most of the players appear to be smokers and thus they take frequent breaks to smoke in between the game. Breaks take away the players involved and thus casinos end up bearing loses.
  • The houses earn more than any player could every win. No matter how small or how big the casino is, the casino is ought to win way more than the winning player. Casinos have a percentage reserved for every transaction that ever happens in the casino. Thus the casinos make huge profits. Thus no matter who wins at the hands, the house always wins.

Apart from this, there are many secrets that every casino has of its own. A casino is a land of mystery, manipulation and secrets. The casino secrets make the casino the fun and unpredictable place that it is.

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Blog Name: Crazy Land-Based Casino Secrets You Never Knew

Posted On: 22/03/2019

Author: Jennifer Albee