Casino Glossary: Common Gambling Terms You Need to Know


As a beginner, visiting a land-based gambling venue or playing at a live casino site can be intimidating for a while, owing to the various gambling terms and specific gameplay rules you need to know. While getting acquainted with your chosen casino game and its rules may take a while, you can make yourself feel more confident by knowing casino jargon and gambling lingo.

That being said, here’s a look at some common gambling terms you need to be aware of.


This term refers to the process of playing at the casino. When playing casino titles such as Blackjack and Roulette at a live casino online, you may hear the dealer telling “this action is on you.” This means that it’s your turn to act in the game.


Bankroll is the amount of money that you’ve specifically set aside for taking part in casino gambling activities. For many players, the amount is something they don’t need for other important things and can risk losing.


Also referred to as a wager, a bet is simply the amount you stake to back the gambling outcome of a single gameplay round.

Betting limit

Betting limits indicate the minimum and the maximum amounts you can wager in a casino game. When playing casino games online, the betting limits vary from one casino title to another. But they are usually flexible to suit the playing style of every type of casino player.


As the name implies, the bonus is an incentive offered to players by their chosen gambling venues. At online casinos, one can take advantage of a variety of casino bonus offers, including welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins and cashbacks.


Before being able to place wagers at land-based casino tables, you’ll first have to convert your cash into chips of equivalent amounts. The total you spend is referred to as buy-in. In the context of Poker, buy-in is the amount that’s needed to take part in the game.

Casino Advantage

The casino advantage is the statistical edge the casino has over you in the long run. Online slots usually have around 6 to 7% house edge, but when playing Blackjack online, the house edge can be brought down to as low as 0.5% by using the basic strategy.


The term refers to the instance where a player, who has already lost a significant amount, keeps playing in the hope that he/she can recover the money upon experiencing a winning streak.


Usually offered as a percentage of the total losses, this is the amount that casinos pay back to their players. While some casinos directly pay the cashback amount in cash, other gambling operators credit it as a bonus amount that can be used to play the same games again.


Simply put, chips act as a substitute for real money when placing bets at a land-based gambling venue. To avoid confusion, multi-coloured chips are used to represent different denominations.  

Cold table

In casino gambling, a table is considered “cold” when players who are placing the right wagers keep losing.

Face Card

In a casino card deck, face cards are the ones that have a picture printed on them. By that definition, the Kings, the Queens and the Jacks are the face cards.

High roller

Also referred to as a whale, a high roller is a player who has been wagering a significant amount of money for a long period of time.

Hot table

This is when the players at a given table are winning significantly.

Instant win

A type of casino gaming option that provides instant outcomes and gives quick payouts. Instant win games, which can easily be found at the top mobile casino, include the likes of Slots and Scratch Cards.


A jackpot is a huge prize reward that players can win while playing online casino games. While the jackpot is usually a part of online slots, you may also get it when you play Roulette online.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are excellent bonus features offered by online gambling sites. Here, the value of the jackpot prize continues to increase with each gameplay round. When a lucky player wins the progressive jackpot, its value resets to the initial level again.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a piece of software which ensures that the final results of online casino games are completely random.

Summing up

So, these were some of the most common terms that are extensively used in casino gambling. While there are several other casino-related terms you need to know, the ones listed in this article are enough to get you started with casino gambling as a beginner. Happy gaming there!

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