The Various Connotations of the term Cold Deck

The term ‘cold deck’ is used to denote a situation wherein the player, as well as the dealer, involve in cheating. This very term got its name from the cards being cool to touch because they are fresh and have not been used over a period of time by the players.

The Various Connotations of the term Cold Deck

Is that all?

Not really. The term ‘Cold deck’ does have many other interpretations associated with it. Well, a cold deck is usually used in a gambling context in order to refer to a run of luck or the losses incurred by the player while playing the casino games. In other words, the term ‘Cold deck’ is used to describe a game that is proving unsuccessful for the player.

Take, for instance, if a blackjack player busts twice and then lose a 20 hand to the dealer’s blackjack, he might blame the streak on the ‘cold deck’. There are cases wherein the players avoid a deck they believe to be ‘cold’ and instead seek out a game with lots of winning players and a good chance of success. And so, a cold deck is more often associated with the idea of a fixed deck, used by a cheat especially in the game of poker or in other card games. There have been cases where many players have been found of accusing the dealer of cold decking them, however, unlikely it may be. The truth is that about 99% of poker dealers are not skilled enough at manipulating cards to even have a chance to pull it off. Even if they could, their risk of getting caught is very high, and the reward for the team of cheaters is only one poker pot.

A cold deck is often lined with preset hands which have a good chance of success, and through careful positioning at the table or through an ally acting as the dealer where the players can fix the game and pick up the best cards for themselves. It is as simple as that!

This term has indeed been used widely like a ‘cold game’ is one which may comprise of a cheat in it or which is being played dishonestly. Card tampering is illegal, and the casinos use high-tech, anti-cheat methods to prevent players or staff to switch decks. Hence,  the chance of encountering a cold deck in a casino is very less today as all the casinos are thoroughly tested, examined and scrutinised for its fairness and authenticity.

Although the term ‘cold deck’ was originally used to describe a certain type of cheating, today the casino players use to describe how bad they are running. It usually implies that the players are not successful in winning any hands because it looks like somebody had rigged the deck.

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Posted On: 06/04/2019

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