What Is Checks Play?

The term checks play is used by the dealers in the casino. It is actually to let the pit boss know that one of the player has wagered quite high at the gambling table. For you to better understand checks play is the code word used by the dealers in the casino. This checks play will widely vary with casino to casino. Some casinos will have different amount for high wagering and some will have different. In some casinos where there is no big rush even a small bet of 100$ would be informed to the pit boss and in some casinos the bet worth 1000$ would be informed to the pit boss, so that’s why the amount for checks play varies a lot with the casino you chose to play.

What Is Checks Play?

What are the various significances of checks play?

  • The use of checks play is to keep an eye on the player who wagers high in the casino. It helps the pit boss keep an eye on possible cheating or incompetence by the dealer. If a pit boss wanders by and sees players betting $5 a hand, he doesn’t want to come back 20 minutes later to find that the dealer has lost $2,000. He’ll want to be alerted much earlier so he can check for collusion, card flashing or other problems. That’s the use of a checks play.
  • The checks play is an alert to the supervisor for paying an extra attention on the table because the players has called the maximum bet, so in order to avoid any cheating the pit boss or supervisor diverts his attention to the table. Example: Many casinos like to know when $100 and above are played on a given hand. So say a player is playing along at $50 increments and increases his bet to $100, the dealer will call out checks play.
  • The checks play is also signified as the bet is accepted. It stops the player putting a £100 on a bet and them if it loses claiming he only wanted a lower amount. Or claiming the wanted change and weren’t placing a bet.

Advantages of checks play:

  • Calling out checks play gets the attention of the pit boss or supervisor which will get the higher bet under his observance.
  • Checks play will let the player know that the bet he is about to place is the highest one on the table, so the player will be more considerate towards it.
  • Calling the checks play by the dealer will erase all the cheating and discomfort during the game because of the existence of pit boss or supervisor.
  • Checks play is also used by the casino to make the player who wagers so high more friendly, so that they can encourage him to play and bet more.
  • Checks play also assures that the black chips which are worth 100$ each are more in use to increase the wagering and so there are verbal declarations of ‘black action’ and ‘black out’ when the dealer pays out these specific chips.

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