Casino Gaming Evolution Fuelled by Roulette Variations

If you are an avid casino lover, then, you cannot miss Roulette, the most popular game at any casino worldwide. Roulette development thrives with the online gaming boom across the globe. In the present, Roulette has witnessed more variations of the original version than ever before. At the foundation, we keep the game principles the same, but Roulette variations will feature different rules and odds. The point we need to highlight here is that as each rule or feature changes, the house edge will change. This will either increase or decrease the chances of the casino winning.


It is imperative for any casino player before diving into any Roulette games to have complete knowledge of the rules, the odds, and the probabilities of each of these Roulette variations games. We will detail the range of Roulette variations and analyze each Roulette variation and explain how you can spot the difference between the classic original version housed by almost all online and brick and mortar casinos.

The original Classic and Live Roulette Variations

You can choose from various Roulette variations, but you may miss the classic version while choosing the one for your casino. We will base our discussions on the classic version as we go on talking about other Roulette variations.

Multi Wheel Popular Online Roulette Variation

Multi Wheel Roulette is a variation for online casinos. Unlike single wheel Roulette, multi-wheel Roulette derived from the fact that you can play on multiple Roulette wheels. In the multi-wheel variation of the Roulette game, the ability to design and bets remain as is but you will play on more tables instead of a single table.

Multiplayer Roulette

Multiplayer Roulette is a popular Roulette variant played in a wide range of online casinos. Although it took a while to take off, the expansion of casino platforms as mobile casinos and other forms of online offers, a more immersive online experience, contributed to the immense popularity of this version of Roulette.

Lightning Roulette

This is a regular casino game that thrives deep in the underworld online casino. The players need to be injected with steroids to allow players to win vast sums of money. We know this as a marmite casino game if ever there is one. The rules are pretty simple and the same as any standard Roulette game.

Rapid Roulette Bringing Casinos back from online to offline:

Most Roulette games discussed here to adapt the original game and the same is played online. There could be some gimmick or tweak in the rules of Rapid Roulette. Rapid Roulette helped offline casinos to regain their glory by salvaging some portion of the online back into the offline casino. It does that by allowing players to play Roulette in the casino on screen.

Monopoly Roulette with Bonus Round

If you want to play a branded game that involves big money in the online casino sector, then Monopoly Roulette is for you. Monopoly Roulette is getting increasingly popular among online casinos. It offers you access to get a bonus round. The board is just the same as a standard Roulette table and wheel. The unique offerings of the Monopoly Roulette are the “Hot Properties” section on the table and the icon for this within the wheel.

Double Ball Roulette Offers Extra Bet

Double Ball is a Roulette variation game that utilizes two balls for a single game of Roulette. Before it was started online after then, users could play mortar casinos and brick. The game follows the same style as most European Online Blackjack games do. The only difference is that an extra bet is available on outside bets. No need to choose red or black instead choose both colours.

Mini Roulette – A smaller version of Roulette Variations

Mini Roulette variation of the game has gained immense popularity with the increase in mobile casinos. It is primarily a smaller version of the bigger game, but instead of numbers from 0 to 36, it includes numbers from 0 to 13. The games work in the same way as the larger format in that the balls spin and then pay-out bets that cover that number. As you can see, it is exactly 1/3rd smaller than a traditional Roulette wheel.

Slingshot Roulette – The biggest innovation

The biggest innovation in Casino gaming is the transformation of bricks and mortar casino games moving online. Most casinos give the choice of which you would rather play, but there are now games that offer a little of both. Slingshot Roulette variations are one of those games. The rules are the same as a regular European Roulette table. You have inside and outside bets and the pay-outs determined by the number of outcomes you cover.

Pinball Roulette – The most enjoyable

The pinball Roulette variant is the most enjoyable online Roulette game in the present. The Roulette wheel gets removed by pinball game, and it is replaced by using the machine pinball-like to analyze the place for ball land.

Immersive Roulette – The graphical Roulette variation

The only pulling back of the online casino industry is that over the last decade, casino gaming innovation has not moved graphically at the same speed as it moved technologically. Each term and layout of games is displayed evenly like pretty blocky.

Premium Roulette Improvement on Roulette

To look out the table of online casinos, Premium Roulette will give you a clear picture. As we stated in the Immersive Roulette games, it takes a challenge to show improvement in technology and advantage to make play more interesting for all users. Yes! It’s a well-established user experience!

Hence, the power of total knowledge of Roulette variations will empower you with the right game from the Roulette variations and the best bets, the lowest house edge bets accordingly.

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