Cascading Reels Slot Machines

Cascading Reels are a specific variant of slot machines that are increasingly popular with players of all stripes. This is due to the fact that they enable multiple winning chances per spin, which is not usually possible on other types of slots. In such slots, traditional icons can be replaced by other ones that trigger bonuses and more, all of which adds to their popularity.

Cascading Reels Slot Machines

All About Cascading Reels Slot Machines

The principles of operation of cascading reels slots are much different from traditional slots. In fact, they do share some similarities with old school games like Tetris.

When winning combos show up on screen, an animation effect is triggered. This animation ensures the disappearance of winning icons, with fresh icons dropping from above and replacing these freshly departed icons.

As new icons are being constantly added to the mix, winning chances are enhanced in comparison with traditional slots, with long strings of consecutive wins being perfectly normal. While what is won is not significantly heftier than what can be scooped up on traditional slots, the fact that the reels are cascading and icons getting replaced tends to keep players of such slots engaged longer than is the case with traditional slots. As well, the cascading animation has a draw that can be difficult to resist.

Cascading Fun At Every Moment!

As their popularity rises, an increasing number of slot developers are choosing to feature cascading reels in their creations. As well, such slot machines are increasingly being equipped with more and more complex bonuses, which might require some element of skill to play. Due to this, players might start thinking that wins and losses on such slots are decided by skill, rather than pure luck.

Lots of slot machines with cascading reels can be found online, with these permitting access to the paytable. This paytable is usually located underneath the reels and shows in clear detail the varied payouts when icon combos are landed, as well as how much the jackpot is worth.

Overall, there is not much difference between cascading reel slots and their traditional counterparts, at least not in such important areas as the house edge or casino advantage. In fact, some of the more beguiling cascading reel slot machines that are currently on the market have a house edge of 15%. Such a severe house edge ensures that players will still lose more than they gain regardless of how sweet their senses find the cascading animation effects and wins.

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