The Best Casino Songs of all Time

When it comes to gambling, most of the players enjoy listening to enthusiastic casino songs, especially when a big victory occurs! But it can also be very fun to listen to energetic casino songs about casinos when playing your favourite games. Several playlists are not only catchy and funny but also have pop culture icons. For decades, some songwriters have encapsulated the excitement of gaming in lyrics and melodies, giving us more amazing tunes to listen to over and over. 

If you are playing your favorite casino games, try these enthusiastic casino songs to give yourself a little bit of boost of confidence in gameplay and add a lot of fun!

Here, we have gathered some of the best casino songs about gambling, providing you with an easy entry to listen to popular songs that will revive you for the next time when you play at real cash online casinos. From old to new titles, there is something there for everyone! 


Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

When it comes to casinos and Las Vegas, Elvis is an everlasting fixture, much thanks to his most popular hit Viva Las Vegas. If you are looking for jazzed up, high tempo casino songs to listen to while playing your favourite table games, this is it!

The list of the Best ever hit casino songs of all time would surely be without another legend in it, Elvis Presley. Viva Las Vegas was one the soundtrack of the movie with the same name where Elvis acted as a “Lucky Jackson”. After that movie, the song was a huge hit and since then has been played by many artists. 

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face 

Strike the poker tables or play online poker while you listen to this fun song. And never mind! Since you are playing at your house, you don’t have to worry about your poker face! We could not leave out Gaga’s poker Face from our inventory simply because we heard it so many times. Actually, over a decade ago, it was a world number one hit, which also brought lady gaga worldwide fame.   

In Poker Face, Gaga, in fact, sings about the game of love using the representation from a poker game. Well, you can enjoy listening to this easy-going song track while playing at party poker. By the way, the betterment of playing online poker games is that you won’t need your poker face. 

Kenny Rogers – Gambler

We opened our favourite playlist with American country singer Kenny Rogers’ one of the famous hits, The Gambler. Also, it is one of the greatest casino songs. In detail, the song explains about two travellers who met each other on a warm summer’s eve on a train.

It is about the skilful master of poker who offers the author a little piece of advice in exchange for whiskey. The wise poker player shares his lifetime storytelling that they have made a life out of reading people’s faces and bearing. He provides him with the golden advice that every gambler should know when to fold when to walk away.

The lyric writer of the song The Gambler is Don Schlitz. All over the years, it was recorded by many musicians. 

Bob Dylan – Rambling, Gambling Willie

 The next song in our playlist of casino songs is Bob Dylan’s song about the eminent gambler in history – Will O’Conley. Well, Bob Dylan does not need any introduction or reference; he is a twelve times Grammy award winner, Oscar winner, Golden Globe winner, Nobel prize winner and just a legend. 

Although, this song has a very tragic ending. One time during a poker game a man lost all of his money and shot Willie in the head. And Dylan says that the moral of the story in this song is that one should know when to stop. 

Sting – Shape of My Heart

If you have seen the movie Léon, you will surely cry at the end of the credits when Stings’ Shape of My Heart song gets started to play. In the description, the song is from Sting’s album Ten Summoner’s Tales.

In one of his interviews, Sting said that in this song, he wanted to describe a story of a “card player, who gambles not to win a game but tries to figure out some kind of non-rational logic in Luck, or chance, some kind of scientific. So this guy is a philosopher, he is not playing for respect, and he is not playing for money; he is just trying to figure out the un-rational law; there has to be some logic into it.

Motorhead – Ace of Spades

If you are a great fan, it is certain that you have not skipped this from one of the English heavy metal bands, Motorhead. This is a single song from the album with the identical name Ace of Spades. In this song, the player says that the one and only card he needs is the ace of spades. 

Band’s bassist and the lead singer is Lemmy Kilmister; he said that writing a song would never be guessed that it would have so many hits. Besides, he also said that this song was a word exercise on gambling and its maxim. However, the song not only became the band’s most perceptible song but one of the all-time best casino songs.

Frank Sinatra’s – Luck Be a Lady 

The next famous song on our list is another classic from the late 50s, Luck Be a Lady. This song was written by Frank Loesser; this song is for the musical Guys and Dolls, where it was performed and played by Simon Mullins. Even Though many performed this song, its most famous version is Sinatra’s. This is the famous one among casino songs.

The song is about a lady called “Luck”. When she chooses her favourites, she gives them many successful wins. Sometimes she gives the honour to ordinary players, but if Luck turns away from you, then you will never see wins.  


The music industry has a copiousness of casino songs, but mostly they are not precisely related to casino games. However, surely this will not stop anyone from enjoying a quality song, which also has a powerful message. If you have already found your casino bonus codes, then open your music playlist, play some casino songs and begin the fun!

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