Basics Of Video Slots- A Comprehensive Guide

Do you remember the old mechanical reel slot machines? They were one of their kinds where the reels rolled as you entered the coins and hit the spin. Slowly, video slots took their place and became the new normal. The game of slots seems pretty simple. You enter the coins, decide how many lines to play, and hit. But it is important to learn about the basics of video slots and how they became what they are.

Basics Of Video Slots- A Comprehensive Guide

A Brief History of Video Slots

There was a time when people were wary of video slots. Mechanical reel slots were the only slots people knew and played. The last decade of the twentieth century saw a shift in the popularity of these slots, and the significant steps of the journey are discussed here.

  • In 1975, Fortune Coin Company became the first company to introduce a slot machine. Unfortunately, the results were not very encouraging.
  •  In 1979, in four years, things had changed a bit. So, when SIRCOMA launched its first video poker, people loved it and welcomed it with open arms.
  • The true change came in the 1990s. It was 1994 when Bally Game Maker by Bally Technologies entered the market. It was the first of its kind to put multiple games on a single machine. Players could touch the icons on the video screen to choose the game they wished to play. Video slot machines also became an instant hit, and many individual video slot machines entered the market.
  • In 1996, Australian company Aristocrat Technologies developed its unique slot machine, which had five reels. The major attraction of the machine was free bonus spins. In the late 1990s, with Silicon Gaming’s Odyssey and WMS Gaming’s Reel ‘Em In, the future of video slot games changed for the better.

For the next few years, game developers created thousands of three-reeled video slot machines because they were the market’s demand. Some innovative developers experimented, and different versions of video slots with different features entered the market.

The Evolvement of Video Slots

With time, the different slot machines and games that entered the market are discussed here.

Multiple Bonus Events

The older machines back then offered a single bonus, but times changed, and the machines are offering multiple event bonuses, which makes the game more exciting.

Multi-Tiered Jackpot

Aristocrat first introduced the popular progressive jackpots of today. Then, the United States saw its first multi-tiered casino jackpot slot in the form of Cash Express. Today, they are common, but then, they were revolutionary.

Cultural Themes

To attract players, the video slot makers tried everything. They used people’s favorite icons and heroes, and thus, slot machines with themes of The Big Bang Theory, Michael Jackson, Lord of The Rings, etc., became an instant hit, and even today, these slot games are a part of offline and online casinos.

Special Effects

WMS took a step ahead and succeeded in helping the players to have a more in-depth experience of the game by incorporating special effects and the motion chair. These chairs would move, shake, roll, and the player would feel as if he was inside the game, chasing bonuses.

Community-Styled Slots

In the 1980s, Road Rally and AC Coin were the first community-styled slots. But they became a hit in the 2000s, and even today, players love them.

Animation, Videos, and Sounds

The popular sounds from the films, the iconic video clips of superheroes, and the animation of the world-famous characters brought the players to the machines. They are still attracted to these slots.

How Are Video Slot Games Played?

Video slot games can be the easiest games to play in both offline and online casinos. But if you are new to the setting, here are the steps to follow-

  • Choose a slot game. It is a very important stage, as you choose a game with the highest RTP that aligns with your risk-taking capacity (high-variance or low-variance) and offers you jackpots. So, choose a game wisely.
  • If your video slot machine offers various paylines, choose how many lines you wish to play.
  • Now, place your bet. There are the minimum and maximum betting requirements of every slot machine. Place a bet you feel comfortable with.
  • Now hit the spin or bet.
  • The reels will run, and when they stop, you will get to know the outcome. Today, slot machines offer various jackpots, the maximum number of matches, and bonuses. So, don’t forget to check them before placing another bet.

Why Are Video Slots So Popular?

The reasons why video slots are so popular are discussed below-

  • You don’t need any special skills, unlike online roulette games or poker. Once you are aware of the basics, you can play the game.
  • There are numerous types of slot machines that offer different number paylines and bonuses. A player has choices.
  • The video slot machines today have evolved very much. They have animations, bonuses, special effects, multiple jackpots, etc., making the game more exciting and compelling them to play even if they lose a couple of times.
  • The wagering requirements of the slot machines vary in a wide range. A player can put in $5 or $20. Every kind of player can play and get the jackpots.
  • Last but not least, they are fun. Players love the thrill when the reels are spinning, and they wait for the screen to show the results.

Wrap Up

Video slots are the kind of games that are here to stay. The variations they offer, the fun time they allow and the ease of playing is what attracts players. Even though it is a simple game, play carefully and responsibly.

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