Banca Francesa: The Portugues Dice Game

Remember the times when rolling dice was really fun. Well, it is even now just a little tougher in the form of Banca Francesa, which players can choose to play in any casino with minimal bets and multiple rollings.

Banca Francesa

Banca Francesa is the Portugal dice game which is very simple. The word Banca Francesa means French bank. Currently, it is the most popular casino game in which one can make you win big. The whole game revolves around that one dice which will determine whether the player will win or lose. Banca Francesa is played around a semi-circle table where players can either sit or stand, according to their comfort. This table is similar to that of baccarat or punto banco table. At the bottom end of the table of Banca Francesa, there are three mandatory people

  • El fiscal (the taxman)
  • El pagado (the payer) 
  • Dealer, who is colloquially referred to as “el cavalinho” (the horse). 

The taxman and payer remain on either side of the dealer and are responsible for collecting and disbursing all betting chips and money on the table. The dealer’s job is to roll three dice that will either make or break your hopes for winning. All three dice are first shaken in a leather cup and then rolled down a corresponding tube, also leather, onto the table where a fabric bumper stops them. That’s how Banca Francesa is played. 

Rules of Banca Francesa:

The rules of Banca Francesa are very simple since one need not worry about the complication in the game, there are only three bets to make in this game for the convenience of the players.

  • Aces or Ases – 

This is the most improbable outcome of all the three bets. In aces or ases if a player bets over here then they are betting that all three dice will come out of the tube showing a nine for a collective total of three.

  • Small or Pequeno – 

Whereas in this bet to win on a small bet, the dice must have a collective total of five, six or seven.

  • Big or Grande – 

To win on a big bet, the dice needs to show a collective total of 14, 15 or 16.

In Banca Francesa the dealer rolls the dice until one of the above results are achieved. This might not be achieved in one single attempt it might take the player few attempts to make the dice land on that one specific number. In all this rolling if the player thinks that this bet is not working then he is free to change the bets in between the rolls. It is quite a comfortable play where the players can make their bets easily. 

The payout rate for big and small bets is 1 to 1, while the payout rate for aces is a whopping 61 to 1, surprise right!

Before you go throwing down your hard-earned cash on the table, think about your odds before putting out the cash. While both big and small bets only pay even money, you have a 49.2 per cent chance of landing one of these results. But, if you want that big aces payout, you better hope Lady Luck is on your side as you only have a 1.6 per cent chance of the dealer rolling those dice in your favour. The chances of winning are quite confusing yet they give the best to the players. 

Banca Francesa is quite similar to baccarat but it is just a myth since Banca Francesa can be similar to craps where they play with two dice rolling that are thrown by the player, while Banca Francesa is a game with three dice thrown by the dealer. However, while in Banca Francesa there are just three possible bets, players can make a huge variety of bets in Craps. 

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