Baccarat Odds explained : Payouts And Probabilities

You may have stayed away from playing Baccarat for a while, believing that it was a complex game only played by those who are high rollers. It’s not true. In reality, it’s one of the easiest casino games.

The reason that the odds of baccarat are simplified is that there are just three betting options available. Compare that with blackjack or the many choices you have with roulette. In Baccarat, you must place your bets before each hand and bet on the banker, the player, or even a tie.

There’s nothing to it. The dealer then plays the player’s hand, which is then the Banker’s hand. The dealer then plays the bets or pays out based on the outcome.

If you’re looking to learn the basics of playing Baccarat, it is best to study our basic guide here. However, for the moment, we’ll assume that you’ve learned the basics and are then interested in the probabilities.

Understanding the Calculation of Baccarat Odds

The complex baccarat odds calculations determine if the banker will get 50.68 % of all non-tie hands and the player 49.32 % of those. If you are playing with 100 credits, you will likely lose 50.68 of them while getting around 49.32. 

This is determined by calculating the difference between these two numbers, 1.36 (50.68-49.32 is 1.36). That means there’s a 1.36 house edge versus bets on the “Player” bet.

The next question you should ask will be if the Banker bet provides a genuine advantage to the house if it is successful more than half the time. This is a valid question! Casinos are conscious of this. 

If they let a game be played without an edge, they’d be in the red within a short time. This is why they charge a commission on bets made by successful bankers. This usually is approximately 5% but can differ from casino to. To determine how many bankers Bet Odds you can apply the following formula on 100 credits:

50.68 percent multiplied by 0.95 = 48.15. That means you can anticipate losing 49.32, which means that it’s 1.17 (49.32-48.15=1.17) that equates to a 1.17 percent edge on the house.

Based on statistics from games and odds, the odds for Tie bets are around 9.55 percent of the time. That would mean the odds are 9.47 one to 1. Confused? Don’t be! 100 credits divided by 9.55 = 10.47 Keep in mind that you’ll receive the original amount you bet (1); therefore, you’ll have 9.47, but in actuality, nine credits. Divide the result:

1.47/10.47 = 14.4 percent, which is the house advantage. Don’t fall for the payout ratio of 8:1 offered by both casino sites on land and online and the odds, as you can see, are not favorable compared to Player and Banker choices, despite their 5% fee charged on these.

Baccarat odds payouts as well as the house edge

One of the major benefits of Baccarat odds aside from the fact that it doesn’t require any difficult or thought-provoking process and the pay structure. It is the game that has the lowest home edge of any casino game or even slot aside from blackjack when performed by an experienced player.

The house edge for Baccarat is stated as 1.06 percent, which is a tiny amount. Blackjack players who are not skilled or recreational will face a house edge of approximately 4percent. 

However, this can drop to less than 0.5 percent for players who adhere to a sound strategy for playing. Implementing a strategy takes some effort, which Baccarat players do not have to be concerned about due to their advantageous 1.06 percentage edge on the house.

What exactly is house edge? It’s the advantage in the competition of the house and guarantees that statistically at the very least, it will make profits to keep providing entertainment for us, the gamblers. Baccarat odds indicate that for every dollar you bet. Statistically, you’ll lose $1.06. In actuality, the reality is that you may make more or less during a single session or over several sessions. 

Baccarat Odds side bets

In an online or live casino, there are additional bets on offer at the Baccarat tables. On one side, you may think this is a great method to mix up the excitement because betting on just three options could become boring. However, this is indeed an additional option for the casino to earn some extra money.

Like blackjack, you’re not advised to place betting on side bets as they can take away your profits. If you want to give them a shot, you’ll likely come across the following options when you play using a standard shoe with eight decks:

  • Player Pair 11:1
  • Banker Pair 11:1
  • Perfect Pair 25:1
  • Either Pair 5:1

Certain casinos allow additional bets on betting on the Player or the Banker credit cards that are 100% black (22:1) or all black (24:1); however, there’s no logic to support black’s higher odds.

Baccarat Odds Vs Other Games

At 1.06 percent for the banker’s hand and 1.24 percent for the player’s hand, The house edge in Baccarat odds is very low. Only Blackjack’s edge is lower, at 0.5 percent – and is more favorable for players over roulette games which have a home edge of 5.26 percent.

Baccarat provides a reasonable value when compared with other games at casinos. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the house has the upper hand in all games.


One of the best ways to find out more about the odds of baccarat is to try playing the game yourself. It is possible to play for fun on Casino. 

You can play any table or slot game using play money as you master the basics. When you’re willing to play with real money, start the first payment, claim your welcome bonus and check whether you can make profits.

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