Are Online Slot Tournaments Worth Your Time and Money?

Many online casino gamers would jump at the thought of playing an online slot tournament. And yet, others show no interest in them at all. They are not entirely wrong, though since slot tournaments are not for everyone. But some gamers do get a kick out of entering and winning such competitions. Nevertheless, you still find casinos hosting more of these tournaments, where crowds of people take part in them. You shouldn’t be surprised here, though, considering they offer huge payouts and rewards. However, payouts aren’t the only reason why slot tournaments are popular among gamblers.

Are Online Slot Tournaments Worth Your Time and Money?

So, if you are looking forward to slot tournaments, here’s a list of benefits as well as the downsides.

The Benefits Of Online Slot Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, two of the most significant plus points of online slot tournaments are the payouts as well as the generous bonuses they offer to the players. Depending on the casino and type of challenge, the payouts can go up to three or even four-figure sums. Some casinos also give away a host of bonuses and promotional offers, including holidays, gift cards or vouchers, and more. So, in all, slot tournaments offer generous payouts and rewards to the participants.

Additionally, such competitions are relatively cheap to enter. Some tournaments are even free, although they don’t pay as much. Even so, you can still take part in them since you also get to take out something and have fun in the process.

Statistically speaking, the odds of going home with a prize in a slot tournament are much better than in those everyday jackpot slots. Sometimes, as many as 100,000 players may play those ordinary jackpot slots. But the chances of that happening in a slot tournament is highly unlikely. And while both those everyday jackpot slots and slot tournaments may win you the same amount of money, the latter gives you better chances of winning.

One other aspect of online slot tournaments is that they offer an incredible bang for your buck. Typical slot tournaments last anywhere between half an hour and several hours, depending on the type of competition. So, you can play as much as you like, without having to worry about incurring heavy losses. It’s also one of the primary reasons why experts recommend such tournaments for beginners.

One last benefit of slot tournaments is the intense competition they offer, not to mention, that social element, both of which are not present in those everyday jackpot slots. Instead of playing to win against the house, you would be playing against several other competent players who are ready to give their everything they have got. But there’s more. Slot tournaments level the playing field which means even beginners or players with little or no experience can take part in them.

The Drawbacks Of Online Slot Tournaments

One of the primary drawbacks of online slot tournaments is that many players, especially rookies, can find the experience chaotic. Each player must quickly gain as many points as he can in the stipulated time. So, many beginners may be incapable of handling the speed and aggressiveness of the games. Online slot tournaments never really allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

The other major drawback is that such tournaments don’t necessarily bring out all the exciting features to the tables. So, players will have to make do with only a handful of them. Several features or functionalities like bonus games, free spins, and cash ladders are missing. So, it mostly results in monotonous gameplay.

Another drawback when it comes to playing online slot tournaments is that the host decides what slots to play. Many experts have criticized online slot tournaments for this reason alone, saying that it doesn’t make sense to spend a considerable amount of money on those slots that most players tend to avoid.

One last drawback of online slot tournaments is that many players don’t find the terms and conditions favorable. Most of these terms and conditions always apply to both the competition as well as the prizes. So, it’s not worth playing when you win by betting at least 50 times the amount. Thus, players must go through all the terms and conditions carefully before they decide to take part in such online slot tournaments.

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