Are Casino Chips Legal Tenders?

The usage of casino chips is a highly debatable issue that goes back for centuries. Aside from the actual benefits of playing, many men and women inquire regarding casino chips if those coin-like plastics are lawful tender. Since gamers are eager to take it as your bet when playing, can somebody use it to repay a debt?

Are Casino Chips Legal Tenders?

Before 1980, casino processors were de facto legal tender throughout Nevada. It means that if you’ve got a casino processor, any casino in Nevada must take it. But in 1980, the Nevada State Gaming Control Board passed a law forbidding the use of tokens or processors out of the issuing casino.

You can not use gambling club chips to cover administrations or buy items, yet like most gaming enactment, the lawfulness of utilizing gambling club chips as a sort of cash is intricate.Let us discuss this subject in reasonable detail and, finally, stop you from breaking the law by a straightforward act of tilting the server with it.

Casino Chips a Legal Counsel

There are two forms of payments that you could use to cover your debt: lawful tender or scrip. Both are acceptable methods for somebody to protect services and goods. But a legal tender is much more reliable because the authorities should take it as a kind of payment. Scrip is similar to a bond; it has its value if somebody is ready to take it as a kind of payment.

Previously, when you’ve got a chip that came out of a casino in Nevada, you may use it to pay for products and services. Considering that the issuing casino ensures that it’s worth, institutions in the country will take it as a payment form. But, it is no more the case following the Nevada State Control Board enforced this legislation concerning using chips and tokens:

Based on stage 3 of paragraph 12.060,” a licensee shall not take chips or tokens as payment for any goods or services given at the licensee’s gaming institution except for the particular use for the components or chips have been issued, and will not provide chips or tokens as alter in any other trade.”

In simple terms, it is possible to use a casino processor on the gambling table. It serves no other function and does not have some worth, even when you’re within the issuing institution, provided that you are away from the center at which you ought to use it. Therefore, if you are playing poker, baccarat, online blackjack, online roulette, or other casino games that need casino chips, it will not have any actual worth.

That is an unambiguous interpretation concerning the use of chips and tokens within the issuing institution, but is it the same for P2P trades? Could you utilize chips as a tip for a server, cover for a service or product, or perhaps sell it on eBay?With Casino Chips Outside the Issuing Casino.

There is one complex point from the Nevada State Control Board’s regulation on the use of chips and tokens. Following point 1 12.060, “Chips and tokens are exclusive agents of value which sign a debt owed for their custodian from the licensee that issued them are not the property of anybody besides that licensee.”

It implies that tokens or chips are just a representation of the actual cash you used to purchase the chips. The sole proprietor of the chips you are holding is the casino which issued them. It will not belong to you; thus, you can not give it to anybody. You can not use it for anything aside from the purpose it serves, and it is money for the gambling tables.

Suppose you plan to use it to tip a taxi driver, a waitress, a bellman, or even anybody who supplied you with almost any service beyond the casino. In that case, you are violating federal law. That is because it is not your home and is not yours to give out, just like actual money. You are not allowed to use it as a kind of payment for whatever you are buying.

There is a difference between buying it to cover products and services and purchasing them for hobbies, collections, or other relevant purposes.

In regards to selling chips on eBay or other comparable marketplaces, no regulation explicitly prohibits it. Again, provided that somebody is ready to take it in exchange for the price you are asking, you are not breaking any law.

Despite a readily comprehensible law concerning the usage of tokens and processors, people still consider it a kind of payment across the nation. In reality, if you walk around Nevada using a $500 processor, it will still be as excellent as $500 in money. It is one reason many men and women remain unaware that casino processors are not legal tender.

Real Reason why People Accept Chips 

Casinos are publicly saying their processors don’t have any real value out of their assumptions. Enormous casinos also have hints that prohibit individuals from using their processors as a kind of money, but it is just for formality.

The usage of casino chips as a kind of money outside their assumptions has a minimum impact on their company. Unlike theft, cheating, robbery, underage gambling, drug dealing, money laundering, prostitution, and counterfeit-currency passing, the usage of chips out of their premises does not negatively affect their company. That is why casinos are devoting minimal attempts to offset using casino chips as a type of money outside their assumptions.

So long as you’ve got a casino processor which officially came from these, the casino owes you cash. The majority of them would not even inquire where it came from or how you buy it; they will exchange it with money. So, regardless of the prohibitions in federal law, individuals still consider it a kind of payment.

Again, it goes back into the casinos with no concern about the usage of the chips. Since folks are permitted to take it home as a souvenir or portion of the group, they couldn’t care less about individuals who bring their casino chips out of the premises.

Another reason is that a $100 chip prices less to create, and when someone chooses it home, which happens a lot, they will continue to keep the gap. Many casino processors have microchipped, and the most innovative casino processors with RFID tags installed cost $2.50 more significant than an ordinary casino processor. It is just like a company selling chips for insane profits, and no casino could start a crackdown on this rewarding small business.

We’ve yet to hear a country prosecuting anybody for taking or using processors as a type of payment. Casino chips are not legal tender, but instead, a script only has value when the other individual is prepared to take it. And in Nevada, a casino processor stays as good as money!


There are prohibitions and regulations concerning the usage of casino chips out of the issuing casino’s assumptions. It is a complex law that’s available for a variety of interpretations. But, we are convinced of something: casino chips are not legal tender.

It is a scrip, a bond that only has value when a man is prepared to take it as a kind of payment. If you are holding a processor, you understand that a casino owes you cash, and it is a common practice for many individuals to use or take processors as a type of payment.

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