Influence Of Animated Themes On Slots

A casino is a place which is filled with various combination of games, themes and gambling. This variation is the point of attraction for the players. That’s why the casinos are taking all the efforts required for evolving more and more themes for the slots. Gamers visiting a casino have the option to play on various types of slot machines. Slot machine games range from single-bar to triple-bar combinations that range in themes and symbols. Some gamers prefer to play on the same slot machine game each time they visit the casino; while other gamers often do slot machine switching.

Influence Of Animated Themes On Slots

What do animated themes mean?

The Japanese anime have evaluated from TV, films and various series. These anime have been implied on the slot games so that these slots turn more interesting. The word anime basically means the animated films where there is all kind of animation and graphics to make the player’s eyes wide open. There are various colourful characters which the players love to watch and the flawless themes which has the gaze of all the players on it, this variability makes the players run to the slot machine more often. You might wonder whether this anime is just imagination or it has some story well then every anime represents the culturally abstract approach to the world and spans across various genres including Sci-Fi, romance and magic. This art of animation began in 1960, back then it was just little imaginative characters which were animated but since this particular sector has grown so vastly that today the animation includes graphics, cinematography, the storytelling mechanism and other imaginative techniques.

The influence of animation on slots:

Due to the various graphics and effects anime has made the slot games more vibrant and interesting for the players to stick to the slots for a longer span of time. Various anime has created characters with such variable features, from the big bulgy eyes to the fine backdrop it is the creation with a vast imagination and quite interesting stories that make slots more attractive to play. There are characters which vary from ninjas to the princesses in the anime slots,  these characters add an extra element to slots that elevate them from basic casino games to works of art that exist to entertain and engage players. Apart from these characters animals also play a vital role in the slot games, there are fighting foxes, running lions, and funny deer.

Here are the top anime slots which you will find in every casino.


The SuperGraphics franchise has generated three different slots. The first is Super Graphics Super Lucky, which upon first glance appears to be a rather old-school fruit machine. The second slot in the franchise, Super Graphics Upside Down, ventures further into Japanese culture. If you take a closer look at this you will get to see the Japanese famous Mount Fuji which adds to the colourful backdrop of the game.


This slot is inspired by the popular series sailor moon where there are three princesses from the outer space. The story sees a school girl transform into Sailor Moon to battle against evil and prevent the destruction of the solar system which features colourful graphics, endearing characters and that iconic art style, this is one of our most quintessentially anime-esque slots.


This slot machine game is developed by the red tiger and it is inspired by the series ninja ways. The character of the game is a young ninja who desires to become the leader of his own village. The drawing style. This game is jam-packed with martial arts stunts, it’s also visually stunning.


This slot game of Red Tiger has the floating fox which brings another fantastic anime-style slot to the online casino. There is a martial arts theme in this game again but this time there is a floating fox as the main character. The main game interface is housed within a traditional Japanese dojo, and the ferocious fox himself is dressed in black and red robes worthy of the fiercest of fighters.


Yggdrasil seems to have put their own spin on Japanese animation style with Hanzo’s Dojo. The most impressive part about this game is that there are 4 mighty fighters in the game. Yggdrasil is known for their epic movie-style slot trailers, which play before the slot game screen is loaded, and these can be a real treat for the player.

Since the anime has no boundaries the anime slots are really popular in the casino. The wide perspective of the game developers is the major attraction for the players in the casino.

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